Pediva Thermal Waters

The terminal waters of Pediva are a mystical lake with beautiful landscapes. There are reports that the water from this lake has healing power for some diseases. Find out where to find the Pediva Thermal Waters and much more.

The Pediva Thermal Waters is a place with beautiful landscapes, and with lakes surrounded by rocks and waters from the Curoca river, the waters coming from the river, when arriving in Pediva, these waters are warmed by the earth.

There are two lakes in Águas Terminais do Pediva, the larger the water lake has a lower temperature than the water of the smaller lake (Águas Quentes).

visit the pediva

With a very beautiful natural view to enjoy and to dive into the warm waters to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful nature reserve, as it is from these lakes where the terminal waters that occur inside the Namibe province.


Aguas Terminais do Pediva is located in the province of Namibe, in the land of the rare plant existing only in Angola and in only one province, the plant. Welwitschia Mirabilis.

The Pediva is located in an area of difficult access and there are no residents in the surroundings, but its natural charm attracts countless tourists who will witness the natural beauty that these lakes have to offer, setting up their camp or visiting soon.

Camping in this at Pediva

To camp in this place there is no associated cost, a nature reserve is available to all tourists, for safety reasons and to preserve the nature reserve, to camp it is necessary to have the authorization of the local authorities, the authorities will ensure that your camp takes place in a peaceful and happy way, and if possible with the accompaniment of a guide.

Benefits of Pediva Thermal Waters

There are reports that Águas do Pediva brings benefits to treatments related to the area of dermatology, how to know if this is in fact a myth or truth?

The best way to know if this water actually cures skin-related illnesses is to pay a visit, and even if the waters of Pediva doesn't cure any illnesses, being in Águas do Pediva is very therapeutic.

The true oasis of Namibe

The area where the Águas Terminais do Pediva is located is also known as the gateway to the oasis, as it is an area with beautiful landscapes, very fresh air and green areas.

To get to Pediva, you can still enjoy the beauty that the desert offers, as if you were going to make two dreams come true at once, go on a desert safari and enjoy the warm waters and green spaces.

With this tour guide you can enjoy a complete visit to the Pediva Thermal Waters. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!


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