Restaurante Bico do Sapato

Bico do Sapato restaurant

Quality and diversity of food, consistency in the kitchen, speed, friendly service and a breathtaking wine cellar: these are the main characteristics of…

Lookal Beach Club 

Lookal Beach Club 

Located on the island of Luanda, the Lookal Beach Club restaurant is an excellent place to make any moment special and unique.

Restaurante Embarcadouro

Embarcador Restaurant

The Embarcadouro Restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants located in the maritime terminal of Capassoca. The restaurant is one of the most renowned and well known…

Espaço Bahia

Bahia Space

Espaço Bahia is a renowned restaurant that is currently among the 10 best restaurants in Angola.

Restaurante Spot do Bairro

Neighborhood Spot Restaurant

The Spot do Bairro is a space with a new concept of leisure and entertainment, located in the capital city (Luanda), the space joins the services…

Amarelinha Hamburguers

hopscotch hamburgers

Amarelinha Hamburguers is a restaurant, specializing in the production of snacks (hamburgers, hot dogs, fahita), with free home delivery to downtown areas…

Sandwich Angola

sandwich Angola

Sandwich Angola is a restaurant that is destined to serve the best sandwiches in Luanda, and other dishes. Find out more about what Sandwich Angola…

Restaurante Rua 11

Restaurante Rua 11

Rua 11 Restaurant is a place specially designed and decorated in ways to make everyone feel at home. Discover some of the dishes…

Restaurante Macau

Macau Restaurant

Restaurante Macau Category: Restaurant, Pizzeria, Bar Name: Restaurante Macau Address: Ilha de Luanda Location: Ingombota, Luanda Telephone: (+244) 938967888 / 949007888 Office hours: 10:30 to 23:30 Price…

Restaurante Jaspe

Jasper Restaurant

When it comes to modernity, well-being and elegance, the Jaspe restaurant stands out among the spaces in Luanda. Restaurante Jaspe is an ideal space for…

Restaurante Forte Velho

Old Fort Restaurant

The Forte Velho Restaurant is an excellent space to enjoy a beautiful meal, accompanied by a made-to-measure drink. Luanda Bay is beautiful,…



Located in the heart of Luanda on the emblematic Comandante Che Guevara street, Barbarico is one of the references in the Angolan capital in terms of Grill service.

Pizzaria Capricciosa

Capriccio Pizzeria

Pizzeria Capricciosa is a chain of restaurants located in 4 strategic points in Luanda. Find out more about what this pizzeria has and how to make a…

O Sítio Da Voinha

The Site of Voinha

Enjoy the iconic Sítio Da Voinha in Benguela, a restaurant and playground perfect for special moments with friends and family.

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