Restaurant & Bar Deck 

Restaurante & Bar Convés is an ideal place to enjoy some typical Angolan and Portuguese cuisine.

Restaurante Bar Convés Luanda

The Restaurant & Bar Convés is a space whose objective is to serve the best of Angolan and Portuguese cuisine and keep its customers quite entertained in order to live incredible moments on the Deck.
The Restaurant has a closed room and for those who like to enjoy the sea and have moments of conviviality outdoors. For this reason it also has an esplanade which, from there, offers a beautiful view over the Bay of Luanda.


The Convés Restaurant & Bar is located in the city of Luanda, at the Nautical Club of Luanda Island. Luanda Island has excellent restaurants, hotels, and beautiful beaches.

Ilha de Luanda is a tourist area, an excellent place to spend leisure time in private, with friends, family or on business.


The Space has an environment of great elegance, meticulous decorations, bright and tree-lined spaces. Cultural activities such as (music, dance, stand-up comedy and other events) are also held in this place.

The design of the restaurant's terrace and buildings are traditionally made with wooden materials.

Type of cuisine

Restaurantes & Bar Convés has a cuisine that is typically part of Angolan and Portuguese cuisine. Drinks to accompany the dishes are served with the best Portuguese wines and the best Angolan beers, cocktails and other beverages.


The Convés has a wide variety of dishes served. Below are mentioned some of the dishes served in this excellent restaurant:

Do you want to taste Angolan and Portuguese cuisine? The recommended restaurant is Deck. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!


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