Luanda Island

Luanda Island is a leisure place that receives countless daily visits, due to its beauty, exotic beaches, high-end hotels and restaurants that serve the best seafood available in the Atlantic Ocean.

Ilha do Cabo, also known as Ilha de Luanda, is a coastal strip composed of a narrow strip of land with 7 km in length that separates the city from Luanda of the Atlantic Ocean and originated the Luanda Bay. It is connected to the city by a small isthmus in the Fortress of São Miguel. It is par excellence the leisure place for the people of Luanda.

Cape Island has paradisiacal beaches, hotels with sea views, nightclubs, residential, restaurants, markets, marina and more.

Buildings and Iconic Points


It has hotels that elevate the degree of guest satisfaction for excellent service. A stay accompanied with numerous privileges. As an option, you can visit the following hotels:

night clubs

This destination hosts the best night parties in the city of Luanda, with national and international artists. On weekends, policing is tripled in order to reduce road accidents. We can highlight the following nightclubs as options:

What to do

On weekends when it comes to going to the beach with friends, families or private individuals, there are 2 favorite places for bathers in Luanda which are: Ilha de Luanda and Mussulo Island.

  • Make beaches;
  • Exercise;
  • Festas da Ilha – Exhibition of national arts, usually takes place at the end of November.
  • Go to more themed parties (Tchilar).

Watch out: The term “tchillar” is a popular language used by Angolans, which means “to celebrate”.

Leisure time in restaurants and bars

On average, most of the island's restaurants have “seafood” as their main dish. The following restaurants are available as options:

And so you can enjoy a complete visit to the island of Luanda. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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