Ingombota - Bay

Located in the province of Luanda, and in the municipality with the same name, the Urban District of Ingombota is made up of the communes of Ingombota (headquarters), Maculusso, Patrice Lumumba, Ilha and Quinanga.

The urban district of Ingombota is located in the center of Luanda, and, from a geographical point of view, is limited to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by the Urban District of Sambizanga, to the east by the Urban District of Rangel and the south with the urban district of Maianga.

On the other hand, Luanda Bay is a bay-type geographic space, located in the municipality of Luanda, opposite the city of Luanda.

In the vicinity of the bay there are a variety of monuments of great historical value, among which the Bank of Angola building and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré stand out.

Getting to know Ingombota and the Bay of Luanda

The urban district of Ingombota is one of the most developed in Luanda. Ingombota has a variety of high-quality buildings, such as colonial and modern buildings.

Ingombota, seat of the municipality of Luanda, is the urban district that tells much of the city's history through its monuments and began to be urbanized in 1661, at the same time that construction took place in the upper part of the new city. of the Church of Carmo.

Ingombota is considered, for some, as the “place of the outlawed enslaved” and, for others, as the “place of the money merchants”.

What is certain is that it houses more than 80 monuments (according to the 2009 inventory), designed from the 16th to the 20th century. These are architectural works notable for their historical, artistic, scientific and social interest.

Highlighting those of military architecture (fortresses), or those of a religious nature, churches with centuries of history, or administrative buildings, houses of manors, etc., which make the Upper and Lower parts of the city mandatory areas for the urban tourism.

In addition to all the emblematic buildings and the wide variety of institutions, such as restaurants, hotels and offices, the urban district of Ingombota also has the Luanda Bay, which adds value to the district from the point of view of leisure.

The bay of Luanda makes Ingombota one of the most notable areas of the capital, largely because of the beautiful view it offers.

Ingombota and Luanda Bay are literally close to everything, with a large concentration of hotels, residential buildings, leisure facilities and much more.

Visit Ingombota Urban District

The district offers a little of everything, offering an environment that is more than suitable for both working, living or enjoying an afternoon leisure, with hotels, restaurants, bars with sea views and many other mandatory stopovers, so if you are in Luanda and want a place to live or have fun, be sure to visit the Ingombota Urban District, and enjoy everything the district has to offer.


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