hopscotch hamburgers

Amarelinha Hamburguers is a restaurant, specialized in the production of snacks (hamburger, hot dog, fahita), with free home delivery to areas of downtown Luanda and surroundings.

hopscotch hamburgers is a restaurant that aims to serve snacks (hamburguer, steak, prego, hot dogs, fahitas) without the end consumer moving from their home or work place.

Amareinha Hamburguers has a free home delivery service in the city center and surroundings. You may be subject to a travel fee for consumers who are far from the city centre.

One of the main attractions of this cuisine at Amarelinha Hamburguers is the Hamburger, it is a preparation of meat, bread and vegetables.


hopscotch hamburgers

Amareinha Hamburguers is located in Luanda province, Vila Alice neighborhood, Rua da Liberdade number 40.

Vila alice is a renowned neighborhood in the city of Luanda, located 7/8 minutes away from the international airport. It is a neighborhood that includes strategic companies and high-end properties.



The main ingredients that make up the Amarelinha Hamburguers are the following:

• Round bread;

• Salad;

• Mayonnaise;

• Bacon;

• Beef;

• Cheese;

• Chorizo;

• Ham;

Hamburger is a typical food from Germany, specifically from the Hamburg region. It has undergone some changes in the recipes according to the regions and their cultures.

The Burger is a more practical way for family, friends, and individuals to have a snack.

Hot dog

Hot dog

On occasion you can choose to choose a hot dog, which are made with the following basic ingredients and which can be made with other additions:

• Salad;

• Grated French fries;

• Fried sausage;

• Eggs;

• Mayonnaise;

• Mustard;

• Ketchup and other house sauces.



Fahita is also an excellent choice at snack time, it is a typical Arabic food, which is made with pita bread and various fillings. Fahita undergoes changes in each region according to its culture.

At hamburgaria Amarelinha you can find these 2 types of fahitas:

• Chicken fahita;

• Meat Fahita.

Free home delivery service to the city center and surroundings
In times of the pandemic caused by Covid-19. Hamburguers hopscotch has always had with it the resolution of home delivery problems, which is to take hamburgers to their consumers.

It has at its disposal several fully equipped bikers, which ensure that delivery is made through a biker cooler. This box allows the food to arrive hot to its final consumer.

You already know if you get hungry and want to have a quick snack, you have the solution to your problems from your Smartphone, you can call the numbers found in the information box above, and you can receive your snack from your home, office and other places.

free home delivery

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