Restaurante Rua 11

Rua 11 Restaurant is a place specially designed and decorated in ways to make everyone feel at home. Discover some of the national dishes you can find at the Rua 11. Restaurant.

O Restaurante Rua 11 is one of the best traditional restaurants in Luanda, Angola. The restaurant's name was inspired by the poem “Meu amor da Rua 11” by the first President of Angola, Camarada António Agostinho Neto.


This is located in Bairro Kifica, Rua nº 23, Benfica Luanda, municipality of Belas. The Municipality of Belas is a district made up of 7 communes (including Benfica), an urbanized area, with many attractions and sights to explore.

In this district you can find several options for accommodation like the Mwatas´ Palace, O Bonnevie Guesthouse, O Bird Kimbo Resort, between others. You can also visit the stunning and very well-known Benfica beach for a moment of leisure.


Rua 11 Restaurant is a space designed with a handcrafted touch to enhance Angolan and African culture in general. The artistic touch in the restaurant makes it the perfect place for birthday celebration dinners, family lunches or corporate celebrations.

The Rua 11 Restaurant is undoubtedly a place specially designed and decorated in ways that make everyone feel at home.

Type of cuisine

Based on traditional (Angolan) cuisine, the Rua 11 Restaurant offers delicious typical dishes in Angola, which are specially prepared with a lot of love and dedication thinking about you. During the week it is common to have as input the local kitutes that are traditionally made in charcoal with clay pots (handmade pots to preserve the culture and flavor).

For lunch, here are some of the options Restaurante Rua 11:

  • Fish (horse mackerel/cacusso);
  • Beef (high breast with offal/dried meat);
  • Hen (from dendém moamba, cabidela, or national barbecue).
  • These dishes can be accompanied with funge; rice; fries and salad; sweet potatoes and banana bread and others.

Additional Information

The Rua 11 Restaurant also offers take-away services (via apps) with home delivery. The services work as follows:

  • From Monday to Friday = From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Weekends and holidays = From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
With this guide, you can enjoy the best of Angolan cuisine at Restaurante Rua 11. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.
Enjoy it!
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