Benfica is an urban district of Luanda bathed by the Atlantic Ocean coastline. With about 21.48 km2, the urban district of Benfica, is one of those that has been registering significant changes in terms of infrastructure.


Benfica is an urban district in the city of Luanda, belonging to the municipality of Belas, the district is subdivided into small neighborhoods, as examples are the following; Kifica, green zone, home of the patriot and others.

Benfica was the name given to this urban district of Luanda. The name Benfica is a tribute to the Portuguese team “SL Benfica“.

The urban district of Benfica has a wide variety of high quality infrastructure such as:

  • condominiums;
  • Hotels;
  • Restaurants;
  • upscale housing, much of it along the coast;
  • Leisure areas and much more.

Iconic Points

sunset beach

The Benfica district has several interesting points that cannot be missed, such as Praia Por do Sol.


What to do

To live moments of leisure in this district with friends, family or individual on a sunny afternoon, you can visit the Giraffe Complex, there is a swimming pool, games room, ice rink. It is located on the main road of national road number 100.

The Girafa Complex car park is also used to hold the biggest night events that liven up the city of Luanda.

As an alternative to a place like the Giraffe Complex where you can find various types of entertainment in just one place, you can visit the Kool Park, has a swimming pool, restaurants, paintball arena, live show and much more. It is located in the patriot district.

Restaurants to visit:

With this tourist guide you can enjoy a complete visit to the urban district of Benfica. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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