Jango Veleiro: the perfect spot for the late afternoon

Jango Veleiro is an iconic space in the city of Luanda, especially in Ilha do Cabo. It offers breathtaking views and an excellent location.

jango veleiro - ilha do cabo - praia

Facing the sea and with a perfect environment to spend the afternoon alone or with the family, Jango Veleiro offers guests comfort and well-being.

Jango Veleiro is an iconic space in the city of Luanda, especially Cape Island. It offers a privileged location with an excellent view. It is one of the most requested places and chosen by many. Due to its tranquillity, it is the perfect place to enjoy a dip or a swim by the sea.

Ideal for all tastes, Jango Veleiro has an amusement park for the kandengues and a great hall to host different events. This space has its doors open 24/24, most of the time customers prefer the house buffet.

jango veleiro - ilha do cabo - praia

Jango Veleiro kitchen

Jango Veleiro offers its clientele a variety of meals, from national to international. Drinks are not exempt from this provision, with a good wine cellar. It also has natural juices available.

O buffet served at dinner, as mentioned above, it is the meal most requested by the clientele. Ah, there is also the delicious Tornedó a jango, accompanied with the magnificent mushroom sauce. You can also taste the laminated fried cuttlefish in proportionate size.

Regarding drinks, the space offers the tasty “blue angel”. A drink that is the hallmark of Jango, with a combination of ingredients that pleases many.

jango veleiro restaurante

Location and accesses

Then? Will you think twice? Jango Veleiro has a dance floor full of animation and varied music, from the sounds of our music square to the most played internationally.

With a convenient location for taxis, this space also has a free parking area with a taxi at the exit. 

After all that what we have to tell you is the following: have fun!!!

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