Capriccio Pizzeria

Pizzeria Capricciosa is a chain of restaurants located in 4 strategic points in Luanda. Find out more about what this pizzeria has and how to make an order from home or office.

Capriccio Pizzeria is a group that makes one of the best pizzas in the city of Luanda. Its main objective is to increase the level of satisfaction of its customers, exceeding their expectations.

Pizzeria Capricciosa makes a variety of pizzas, panzones and some desserts. It has a very committed team. This team ensures that it reaches the final consumer.

The pizza international was marked on July 10, 1985. Pizza is a food that was perfected by the Italians and that they took to other continents.

Capricciosa Pizzeria “Devour me”. This is the motto created by the brand, which shows that pizzas are made for their lovers to devour in the most delicious way possible.


Capriccio Pizzeria

Pizzeria Capricciosa for having an indispensable service. It currently has 4 locations, in renowned neighborhoods of the capital city, which are the following:

  • Luanda, Mutambra neighborhood, street of the 1st Congress of the MPLA 29.
  • Luanda, maianga district, Rua Augusto Tadeu Bastos, 59.
  •  Luanda, new life project neighborhood, street 53, house nº 127.
  • Luanda, Viana, Luanda Sul neighborhood.

The aforementioned neighborhoods have a privileged location. The mutamba neighborhood is the heart of Luanda (downtown). Maianga is the neighboring neighborhood of mutamba. The new life project is an urbanization that has high standard housing and institutions.

home delivery

home delivery service

If you want to taste pizza, panzones or desserts accompanied by some drinks, you should visit one of the Pizzeria Capricciosa establishments indicated in the “Location” section.
There is also the option of home delivery, Pizzaria Capricciosa does not dispense with taking its delights to the comfort zone of its end consumers.



Pizzaria Capricciosa's pizzas are known for having unique flavors, there is a total dedication in the team that makes the pizzas with love and passion. On Capricciosa's menu, pizzas were named after tourist places in Angola. As an example we have the following pizzas:

• Maiombe;

• Mussulo;

• Viewpoint of the moon;

• Blue Bay;

• Black stones;

• Stone of the spell;

• Mockup of mockery;

• Serra da leba;

• Ilha de Luanda and several other options named after tourist spots.


As for the category, the pizzas are subdivided into the following categories:

• Families 8 tracks;

• Onions and capers;

• Tomato and basil sauce;

• Mushrooms and onions;

• Mushroom, green and yellow peppers and others.

In addition to pizza, another specialty is panzones. You can order extra toppings to your liking. In addition to sweets lovers, Pizzeria Capricciones also has sweet pizzas. (banana and cinnamon, chocolate, guava and mozzarella cheese).


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