Maianga is one of the 7 urban districts in the municipality of Luanda. Located in one of the main arteries of the capital city, discover how to explore the district and discover the best accommodation and leisure spaces.


Maianga is an urban district belonging to the municipality of Luanda, in Luanda province, in Angola. Rua da Missão is well known for having large infrastructure and outstanding companies in the Angolan market.

The word Maianga comes from Kimbundu mackerel, «ponds», place previously submerged by rainwater.

The locality borders to the north with the urban districts of the Ingombota and Rangel, to the south with Samba and to the east with the municipality of Kilamba Kiaxi.

Most of the streets in the district of Maianga are names given in homage to people who have done a great feat for the development of Angola, such as national heroes, doctors, revolutionaries and others.

Buildings and iconic spots

As part of the first neighborhoods that emerged in Luanda, the Maianga district is home to numerous public figures in Angola and there are large reference hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other leisure areas.

Edifício Maianga is a modern installation that was designed to receive guests or businessmen who want to know the reality of the Angolan market, the name Maianga was given in homage to the district's name, it is located on Kwame N' Krumah street with João Rodrigues street , next to Largo da Maianga.

In addition to the Maianga building, we can find other buildings that draw attention in the district:

What to do

The people of Luanda are warm and vibrant, to spend the weekend scuba diving with your family or privately, as a suggestion, you have the Alvalade Olympic Pool, if you want to taste Angolan cuisine, you can have a meal at the clay pot restaurant, located on the Rua do Hotel Alvalade, or you can enjoy live music on Fridays and Saturdays on some terrace in Maianga.

With this tour guide you can make a complete visit to the Maianga district. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

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