sandwich Angola

Sandwich Angola is a restaurant that is destined to serve the best sandwiches in Luanda, and other dishes. Find out more about what Sandwich Angola has to offer.

sandwich Angola is an Angola company focused on the catering business, one of the main objectives of this company is to serve delicious sandwiches in Luanda. If you want to choose to eat a heavier dish. Sandwich Angola also has several dishes for lunch or dinner.

The managers and employees of this establishment meet the necessary conditions so that the food is made with a lot of delivery and authentic flavor. It seeks to satisfy the degree of satisfaction of its customers. With a take away service and home delivery.


Sandwich Angola is located in Luanda province, José Anchieta street, 9th street, vila alice neighborhood.

environment and decoration

Sandwich Angola has a relaxed atmosphere, decorated with plastic chairs and tables, with a greater presence in green, white and black. And umbrellas around the tables.

So you already know that you can't miss this one at Sandwich Angola and taste the gastronomic variety that the space offers.



coffee break services

It has a kitchen that serves dishes that vary according to the day of the week (Dish of the day), desserts, natural juices, soft drinks, fruit smoothies and national drinks such as Cuca, Compal and others.

This kitchen's main specialty is the production of sandwiches that can be tasted on site, or that can be tasted in the comfort of your office, residence and other places. Ordering home delivery


toasted chicken sandwich

The sandwiches that are produced by Sandwich Angola are as follows:

• Ham sandwich;

• Simple sandwich:

• Egg sandwich;

• Mwangole Sandwich;

• Vegetarian sandwich;

• Toasted chicken sandwich and others.


mixed toast

If you want something smaller, you can taste the following toasts:

• Toasted toast;

• Mixed toast;

• Chicken toast;

• Tuna toast;


american burger

Sandwich Angola has a variety of food to satisfy the needs of its customers. The hamburgers available are as follows:

• Hamburger with egg;

• American hamburger;

• Chicken hamburger;

• Fishburger;

• Veggie burger.

dishes of the day

Steak with egg on top

During lunch and dinner hours, Sandwich Angola serves the following dishes:

• Nail on the plate;

• Steak with egg on top;

• Steaks with mushrooms;

• Bifana on the plate;

• Breaded chicken;

• Fish fillet.


Codfish salad

If you are on a diet, or if you require a very regulated lite diet. The restaurant has a set of salads, which are the following types:

• Atlantic salad;

• Fresh cheese salad;

• Greek salad;

• Russian salad;

• Cod salad and others.

If you are in Luanda, be sure to try the foods that are made by Sandwich Angola. You must visit the physical space, or call the terminals left in the information box and place an order (home delivery).


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