Batuk Restaurant: Seaside Gastronomic Oasis in Lobito

Discover the Batuk restaurant, a true gastronomic oasis by the sea in the heart of Lobito, where flavors and atmospheres blend in perfect harmony. Let yourself be enchanted by the rustic and sophisticated atmosphere while enjoying delicious dishes and breathtaking views of the ocean.

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The Batutk restaurant, located by the sea in the charming city of Lobito, in Benguela, invites visitors to enjoy the harmony between rusticity and refinement in its cozy and sophisticated environment, with touches of nature. This is, without a doubt, a true gastronomic treasure in Lobito, where each visit becomes an unforgettable experience full of flavor.

With a breathtaking view over the sea, Batuk is the ideal place to enjoy the beach, share pleasant moments with friends and family, have a delicious breakfast or celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays. Open 24 hours a day, the space attracts people who appreciate the combination of rustic and modern elements.

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Batuk restaurant kitchen

The cuisine at the Batuk restaurant excels in quality and variety, with a focus on seafood and fresh local ingredients. Visitors can choose from a selection of snacks, fresh fruit, juices, cocktails and wines. Some dish suggestions include seafood rice, seafood soup, grilled cuttlefish and fish fillet served with tomato rice and salad.

Desserts include options such as passion fruit tart, mango mousse and yogurt cake.

As far as drinks are concerned, the batuk cocktail is the brand and specialty of the house, in addition to natural fruit juices in season. Batuk is really a unique place to enjoy an excellent meal in a spacious, comfortable, airy and diverse space.

Locations and accesses

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With a privileged location at the edge of Restinga, next to the high sea, Batuk offers easy access for both taxis and new visitors. There is a strategic parking area, 24-hour security and a police station just a 3-minute walk away.

Do not hesitate to choose the Batuk restaurant for a memorable gastronomic experience in a refined and welcoming environment, where natural beauty and quality come together to create unforgettable moments.


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