Baía dos elefantes

elephant bay

The Elephants Bay is a fascinating visit card that the province of Benguela has. A place with beautiful beaches and enchanting mountains. Know…

Catedral de Benguela

Benguela Cathedral

The Cathedral of Benguela is a former center of religious congregations, belonging to the Catholic Church. Built in the 1970s by the Portuguese. Know more about…

Farol do Lobito

Lobito Lighthouse

The Lobito Lighthouse was built in 1915 and is located on top of a mountain. Discover its history and find out why it was built…

O que fazer em Benguela

what to do in Benguela

Benguela is a province of Angola, this guide will show you some sights that deserve a must visit in the province. Find out what the weather is,…

Praia da Caotinha

Caotinha beach

Praia da Caotinha is a small beach bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the beach is a true mystical beauty, starting with the clear waters, white sands…

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