Caotinha beach

Praia da Caotinha is a small beach bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the beach is a true mystical beauty, starting with the clear waters, fine white sand and the mountains that surround it. Find out how to go blind at Praia da Caotinha and find out what to do.

Praia da Caotinha is one of the stunning beaches with unparalleled natural beauty that Angola It has. It is located at Benguela province.

It is called Praia da Caotinha, due to the small size of the beach. It is only 100 meters long. The word Caotinha is short for Caota.

How to get

The beach is 10 km from the city of Benguela. You get to Caota first and the beach is located behind Morro da Caota, to get to the beach it is necessary to make a detour around Morro da Caota.

Participation in the 7 Wonders of Angola Contest

Although it was not included in the 7 Wonders of Angola, Praia da Caotinha was also among the 27 participants in the contest that selected the 7 Wonders of Angola.

We believe that choosing the 7 Wonders of Angola should not be an easy decision, as is the beauty that Angola has to offer.

What attracts the most attention in Caotinha

The beach draws attention to any visitor, due to the following aspects:

Clear waters: the water in Caotinha is so transparent that it allows any bather or fisherman to see any object on the seabed from a distance of over 2 meters.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sea, Caotinha also draws attention to the huge rocks that surround it, thus giving a unique and very rare view of the beach.

Additionally, the beach is very clean and covered in fine white sand.

What to do

Praia da Caotinha is an excellent place to go to the beach, in addition to the natural beauty that the beach presents, the beach is far from the localities, making it a very quiet area. It's a real paradise.

Another suggestion of what you can do on Caotinha beach is sport fishing. This is one of the favorite activities of those who visit this beach, due to the clear waters already mentioned. There are also those who like to browse the natural beauty that this beach has to offer.

Fishing lovers must visit Praia da Caotinha, and take with them some sea oysters, lobsters, groupers, octopus and others.

With this tour guide you can enjoy excellent leisure time at Praia da Caotinha. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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