elephant bay

The Elephants Bay is a fascinating postcard to visit that the province of Benguela has. A place with beautiful beaches and charming mountains. Find out about the main attractions of Baía dos Elephants.

Elephants Bay is a beach of fine sand, clear waters located in the midst of the rocky mountains in province of Benguela. Benguela is one of the provinces that has received the most attention from tourists. For being a self-sufficient province and one with a very dynamic market.

Additionally, with many tourist attractions.

In addition to visiting the beautiful Bay of Elephants, you can also visit some points such as:

How to get

The Elephant Bay is located 80 km away from the municipality of Benguela.

To reach this destination, 2 alternative routes are used:

The first alternative is by land, for this route, the use of cars with 4×4 traction is recommended. Due to the difficult access road.

Along the road trip, you can enjoy a safari. Before reaching the final destination, you will be able to appreciate other wonderful landscapes.

The second alternative is by sea.

There are providers of maritime transport services, which allow you to leave the host municipality to your final destination (Baía dos Elefantes).

It should be noted that a boat trip to the final destination takes an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Along the voyage, to learn more about the stories of the bay, sailors tell stories, myths and legends.

For being a very attractive place and with a unique view, the Elephants Bay has been a must-visit place.

What to do

Upon arriving at the bay, you will be able to appreciate the unique landscapes that this place offers.

Appreciate beautiful mountains that meet by the sea.

Beaches with fine sand and clear water, an excellent place for diving.

Additionally, Elephant Bay is a beautiful place and a place of peace and leisure. Places like this help to replenish physical and emotional energies.

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