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Benguela is a province of Angola, this guide will show you some sights that deserve a must visit in the province. Find out what the weather is like, how to get there and lots of other surprises.

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Benguela is a city and municipality, capital of the province of Benguela, located in the western part of the Angolan territory, from a tourist point of view, the province of Benguela has a variety of super attractive tourist spots, ranging from emblematic structures, natural works, extraordinary places such as hotels and incredible beaches that provide real leisure for those who visit this magnificent city.

Benguela average weather conditions

In Benguela, summer is short, hot, muggy and partially overcast; in turn, winter is short, warm and with an almost cloudless sky.

All year long, the weather is dry. Throughout the year, the temperature generally varies from 20 °C to 33 °C and is rarely below 19 °C or above 35 °C.

Given the climate of the province of Benguela, in terms of tourism, it is worth remembering that the best times of the year to visit Benguela and carry out warm weather activities are from mid-May to early August and from early September to mid-October.


The warm season lasts for 1 month and a half, from April 6th to May 24th, with daily average maximum temperature above 32 °C. The hottest day of the year is May 3rd, with an average maximum temperature of 33 °C and an average low of 25 °C.

The cool season lasts for 2 and a half months, from July 5th to September 21st, with daily maximum temperature averaging below 29 °C. The coldest day of the year is July 29, with an average of 20 °C for the minimum temperature and 28 °C for the maximum.

As happens all over the country (Angola), the province of Benguela is one that has benefited from the high socio-cultural development, and from the point of view of tourism, Benguela has places and structures of a high level of tourism, which guarantee a lot of leisure to the who visit Benguela.

Know the transport routes

It should also be noted that in the sector of access roads to the main tourist places in the province, there have been significant improvements over time, such as a new road in the city of Benguela, the reform of the airport and the reconstruction of the railway line in Benguela. Benguela. All these actions, combined with the various tourist attractions, guarantee an environment of high leisure for those who visit the province of Benguela.

In order to facilitate the movement of people, Benguela province currently has two airports: 17 de Setembro airport (receives small domestic flights) and Catumbela Military Airport.

As already mentioned, thanks to the reconstruction of the roads, it is currently possible to travel by car to Benguela, the trip becomes equally incredible due to the various sights and landscapes seen along the road. For those who want to enjoy the various charms of this city, it is recommended to travel by car.

Indispensable sights of Benguela

There are a number of places and landscapes of high tourist refinement in the city of Benguela, places considered essential for those looking for leisure.

Going to Benguela and not visiting Baía Azul, Praia Morena, Nossa Senhora do Pópulo Church, Ponta do Sombreiro, Caota Beach, partial buffalo reserve and Ombaka National Stadium, is like talking about the history of the Portuguese language and not talking about Luís de Camões, impressive for their beauty, history and incredible leisure environment, these important tourist attractions have attracted tourists from all over the world.

Discover the Blue Bay

Baía Azul is a wild part of the urban beach of Morena, located in the suburb of Benguela. In Baía Azul you can find several hotels and resorts, some of them with more popular prices.

The beach is characterized by fine, soft sand. Along the perimeter there are tall trees, which create good shade and fresh air, where tourists rest from the blazing sun that is in the region.

To the west of Baía Azul, there are mountains, cliffs and hills that resemble the Grand Canyon.

The sea water is warm, blue, and as there are not so many waves, the beach is characterized as being a more than suitable destination for the elderly, children and for those who want to relax and rest.

Among the various activities practiced on the fine sand of the beach, there are volleyball and soccer games. In addition, tourists can sunbathe, build sand castles, walk along the coast, there are also those who enjoy surfing, windsurfing and other water sport activities, although not the best beach for surfing.

Discover the amazing Morena beach

Located in the city of Benguela, Praia Morena is certainly one of the places that has attracted more tourists over time, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Praia Morena is not only the cleanest and most beautiful beach in Benguela, but in the whole country.

According to tourist data from the province, the beach has many visitors due to its beauty and its super-preserved structure.

Discover Praia da Caota

Praia da Caota is one of the most visited beaches in the region and is just 10 kilometers away from the center of Benguela.

The beach has a perfect combination of rocks and crystal clear water, which makes it ideal for those who want to take a swim and go diving without worrying about strong waves.

Very close to Praia de Caota, you can also get to know Praia da Caotinha, which is only 100 meters long and has extremely clean and crystalline waters.

Another important aspect is the fact that you can see the marine fauna and flora up close in an unforgettable diving experience.

Discover the Ombaka National Stadium

When visiting Benguela, one of the mandatory stops is, without a doubt, the modern Multiuso stadium in Ombaka, built in 2009 to house the hitherto unprecedented 2010 African Cup of Nations football organized in Angola.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 35 thousand people seated, the National Stadium of Ombaka, is one of the 4 most recent and modern stadiums that exist in the entire Angolan territory.

The modern stadium in Ombaka is without a doubt one of the most emblematic structures in the province of Benguela, which with absolute certainty represents a great advance in terms of modernization and tourism for the province.

Visit the emblematic Nossa Senhora do Pópulo Church

The Nossa Senhora Do Pópulo Church, built in the mid-17th century, is currently classified as a National Historic Monument, and today is characterized as one of the main tourist attractions in the city, both for its aesthetic beauty and its rich history.

According to historical sources, the Church of Nossa Senhora do Pópulo is possibly the first stone and lime building in the city, and is the only one of its kind in all of southern Africa.

The same sources consider that the burials of Europeans were held there until 1838, when the city's cemetery was inaugurated. For this and many other reasons, this important historical monument has been over time a kind of obligatory stop for many tourists coming from different parts of angola.

Ponta do Sombreiro

Ponta do Sombrero is also an interesting tourist spot in Benguela, and got its name because it is located on a large, circular rock, resembling a Mexican sombrero.

This emblematic point is approximately 130 meters high and offers an incredible view of the sea. Therefore, it ended up becoming one of the most sought after spots by tourists in Benguela.

Discover the incredible Partial Buffalo Reserve

The partial buffalo reserve was created in 1974, and is approximately 30 kilometers by car from the center of Benguela city.

The reserve is over 400 square kilometers and its highest point reaches 1210 meters above sea level.

In this reserve, many exotic animals and plants from Africa are preserved, as well as several rock formations dating back hundreds of thousands of years.

Several animals are protected in the reserve, such as lions, hippos and baboons, with the black buffalo being the main attraction of the reserve, precisely because it is at risk of extinction due to illegal hunting.

Discover Benguela's Gastronomy

In terms of gastronomy, it is worth noting that the province of Benguela has a mixed cuisine, which is characterized by the presence of typical dishes from the region, produced with corn, such as pirão, in addition to muamba, calulu and manioc.

Another fact of gastronomic culture to highlight is the fact that the preparation of dishes with beans, corn and pumpkin leaves is a constant.

In addition to the typical dishes of Benguela, we can find in the region dishes referring to international cuisine, offered by the most varied hotels in the vicinity of each of the tourist attractions in the province.

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