Luna Lounge & Ocean Club Restaurant: Tranquility in Restinga

Discover the charm of the Luna restaurant, located by the sea in the beautiful city of Lobito. With a calm and sophisticated atmosphere, it is the perfect place to enjoy unforgettable moments with family, friends or work colleagues.

restaurante luna ocean club lobito

Located by the sea in the charming city of Lobito, the Luna restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere for dinner with the family, enjoying peace, tranquility and accessibility for wheelchair users. This elegant space is often chosen by residents and visitors who appreciate sophisticated and well-lit spaces.

Luna is extremely versatile, allowing customers to choose to hold business meetings, go for a swim and have a drink or relax in the sun while savoring one of their delicious specialties. Open 24 hours a day, the restaurant offers options for everyone, with a more reserved space and an open space with stunning views of the sea.

Luna restaurant kitchen

The cuisine of the Luna restaurant stands out for its diversity of flavors, featuring national and international meals, snacks and snacks, as well as refreshing drinks. The menu is full of irresistible dishes, with Fettuccine Nero de Pasta Fresca being the most popular with customers. House specialties focus on Italian and Greek cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood. In addition, Luna has a well-stocked bar overlooking the beach, ideal for enjoying a drink and enjoying a pizza.

To liven up the atmosphere even more, the restaurant promotes special events on the first Sunday of each month. As for drinks, Luna offers a wide variety of hot options, wines and cocktails with typical and exotic flavors.

Locations and accesses 

As for location and access, the Luna restaurant is within easy reach, located in Benguela, specifically in Restinga do Lobito, on Avenida de Lisboa. The place has good music, ensuring pleasant moments for customers.

Therefore, do not hesitate to visit the Luna restaurant, an excellent place to enjoy a delicious dish in the company of loved ones or to discuss business matters. Come and enjoy the peaceful and comfortable environment that Luna offers in the beautiful city of Lobito, without having to travel long distances.

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