Angola Fashion Week

Angola Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in Angola, this cultural event allows Angolan history to be shown through the clothing, footwear and jewelry collections presented by national and international designers.

Angola Fashion Week is a fashion event held once a year. In each edition the themes are varied, usually the names used for the theme of the AWF fashion event are names that represent Angolan culture. The event is held at Luanda province.

The scenery and decoration is made in a way that follows the chosen name, names representing the culture have already been chosen, such as, the Giant Black Sable, the Angolan Diamond, the Queen Nzinga Mbandi, the Imbondeiros other themes.

clothing details

Dressing well is a way of life, stylists pay attention to every detail when it comes to making an outfit that is normally considered a work of art, each cut, each seam, each measurement taken, are essential details for stylists and that makes a big difference in creating a piece.

Purpose of the pieces in the parade

The clothes, shoes and jewelry that pass on this catwalk are usually available in the stores of the brands that make the presentation and in other markets, a fashion show makes the piece gain special attention from its customers and become a “Fashion” trend.

Team responsible for the event

Angola Fashion Week is a private initiative organized by an administrative council that is composed of young Angolan entrepreneurs and with the participation of great foreign stylists who are part of the administrative council, from the Angolans we can highlight Hadjalmar El Vaim and the director of Angola Fashion Week Edson Morais.

Social action of the event

More than a night of styles that the event offers, Angola Fashion Week also raises funds that are used to help the most needy and other institutions, they are good people who care about their neighbors.

In the 16th edition of the event, the objective of social action was to create a fashion school "Angola Fashion School" that gives opportunity to hidden talents that are found in the informal market, in order to bring these talented young people to one day have their dreams accomplished to see their work paraded on international catwalks.


The Angola Fahion Week catwalk is trodden by great national and international stars, usually during the presentation of the brands, actors, singers, TV program presenters, manaquins and models pass on this catwalk.

International artists such as TV Record presenter Ana Hickmann have already stepped onto this stage.

Brazilian international actor Igor Rickli (main actor in TV Record's soap opera Apocalypse).

The Brazilian international Paulo Carasco, who is known as a makeup artist to the stars.

Angolan international models such as Maria Borges, Sharam Diniz, Fredy Costa, Karina Silva and other big stars.

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