Boutique Lodge Sangano

Boutique Lodge Sangano is a tourist complex located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Luanda. Find out more about the excellent services they have available to their guests and visitors.

Boutique Lodge Sangano is a tourist complex, located in an area with exotic beaches. The main objective of this tourist complex is to provide an excellent stay for its guests, and other services for its visitors.

When choosing a place to enjoy moments of leisure and tranquility, Boutique Lodge Sangano is without a doubt one of the places that should be chosen par excellence.

The name “Sangano” was given in honor of the neighborhood in which the tourist complex is located.

Boutique Lodge Sangano has a modern construction, in which most of the complex has a rustic wooden decoration.


Boutique Lodge Sangano

Boutique Lodge Sangano

Boutique Lodge Sangano is located in Luanda province, in sangano. Sangano is a place with exotic beaches, located outside the center of the capital city.

It is a place that is chosen par excellence by nature lovers. People looking for inspiring places to replenish their physical and mental energies.

In addition to being able to enjoy beautiful beaches, totally clean, you will be able to appreciate some birds.


Boutique Lodge Sangano has a dozen bungalows spread throughout the complex. These bungalows have a small balcony, there is plenty of privacy for guests to feel at ease as if they were in their own home.

To keep the experience of staying in the bungalows of the Boutique Lodge Resort more real, the decorations were made completely of wood, both the wall and the ceilings made of wattle and daub straw.




Boutique Lodge Sangano has a restaurant that serves typical Angolan food. One of the main dishes served in Angolan cuisine is funge, which is accompanied with fish, meat (dry or fresh) and a variety of sauces or leaves (potato, kizaca, gimboa, cabbage and others).

If you want to relax, Boutique Lodge Sanagano has a bar overlooking the sea, next to the swimming pool. Excellent place to gather with family and friends.



In a way, one of the issues that makes a guest return to the same place is the conditions that the hotel decides to create to meet the main needs of its guests. However, the Sangano resort has the following hotel facilities;

• Air-conditioned rooms;

• Smoking area;

• Room service 24h/24h;

• Private car park;

• Pool;

• Private Beach;

Extra activities

Sangano Lodge

Enjoy this exotic place, covered in countless palm trees. Boutique Logde Sangano also has a private beach.
At the opportunity, you can also take a trail in the forest, accompanied by a tourist guide.

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