Hotel Praia da Mariquita

Visit Praia do Mariquita and enjoy its natural beauty. Located on one of the desert beaches in Namibe province. Find out what are the main services that Praia da Mariquita has for you.

Praia da Mariquita is a resort located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Angola. This resort has been providing physical and psychological well-being for people looking to relax at the resort.

Praia da Mariquita draws attention for its exotic beauty, a beach with clear waters, white and fine areas, located in the middle of the rocky mountains.

This resort has attracted people from all over the world, who travel miles and miles to enjoy their stay and appreciate this natural beauty up close.

Since always, the dream of many people is to be in a desert place where nature takes care of everything. Praia da Mariquita is one of these magnificent places to relax your body and recover your thoughts.


The Praia da Mariquita resort is located in Namibe province. The same is 80km from Mozamedes.
Namibe is a province that has several tourist attractions. One of the main tourist attractions in the province is the Namib Desert. In this desert there is a plant (Welwitschia MirabilisWelwitschia Mirabilis) existing only on a part of the land which is in Angola.




To keep your guests comfortable. The resort has dozens of rooms and bungalows, in which these rooms and bungalows are divided into 2 types, which are as follows:


 Twin Room;

 Double Room.


 Double Bungalow (Suits 1 couple, 2 children up to 12 years old or 3 adults);

 Twin Bungalow (Suits 1 couple, 2 children up to 12 years old or 3 adults).


Frutos do mar


Praia da Mariquita has a restaurant that serves Angolan and international cuisine. Because it is located in a province that has many riches from the sea. one of the main dishes you can find at Praia da Mariquita is seafood (fish, lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish and others).


To meet the basic needs of customers. The resort has the following amenities services:

 Air-conditioned rooms;

 Room service;

 Private parking;

 Swimming pool;

 Smoking room;

 Luggage room;

 Mini golf course;

 Garden;

extra activities



Jet Sky

Jet sky

In addition to enjoying this magnificent natural beauty in the midst of the sea and the rocky mountains. At Praia da Mariquita you can do some extra activities that can keep your guests and visitors entertained.

On Safari, the Namibe desert is a beautiful and mysterious place that cannot be left unexplored. You can also do sport fishing or even stroll over the sea on a jet-sky water scooter.

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