Huambo Municipal Anthropological Museum

The Municipal Anthropological Museum of Huambo is an important cultural heritage dedicated to the collection, management and preservation of the main sources of information linked to the history of culture and habits of the populations of the central plateau.


The Municipal Anthropological Museum of Huambo is located in the old building belonging to the former employees of Radio and Post Office, built in 1935, 21 years before the creation of the Museum (1948).

This important cultural heritage has come to bring together a collection of around 1500 pieces, from collections of Sacred Art, Anthropomorphy, Ethnography, Painting, Traditional Medicine, among others, which in an incredible way preserve and narrate the history of the habits and customs of the inhabitants of the Huambo province.

Reasons to visit 

For everyone, particularly lovers of history and cultural monuments, it is almost a law to visit the province of Huambo and stop at the Municipal Anthropological Museum of Huambo.

The best way to get to know the culture, habits and customs of a people is to know their history, therefore, nothing better than visiting the Municipal Anthropological Museum of Huambo, to better know and understand certain habits and customs of the population.

Well, this important cultural heritage preserves and narrates the history of the population over the years, taking you to literally travel in time without having to leave the place, all thanks to its vast and rich collection.

This heritage is clearly a place to take into account when traveling to the central plateau, as, in an incredible way, it provides a true journey through time, with stories of the culture of the tribes and peoples of the province of Huambo.

main attractions

The Huambo Municipal Anthropological Museum has a series of archaeological fragments, as well as clothing, utensils, works of art and popular handicrafts.

As the main attraction, the museum holds ethnographic sections where you can find historical records, as well as photographs, sculptures and paintings that make up the history of the region. It is a different way of getting in touch with the riches and local culture.

The Municipal Anthropological Museum of Huambo has been one of the great points of tourist interest for all who visit the province of Huambo.

And, due to the magnificent experience provided by the information professionals of this important information system, visitors literally travel to the past because of the history present in each of the sources of the museum's collections, this incredible experience has enchanted all visitors.

Be sure to visit the Municipal Anthropological Museum of Huambo

From a tourist point of view, the province of Huambo has several incredible places, not to mention its hospitable people. So, you already know, if you are in the province of Huambo, be sure to visit this important cultural heritage and enjoy knowing a little more about the culture, habits and customs of the different generations of the central plateau.

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