Ulengo Center

Ulengo Center is the largest amusement park ever built in Angola to this day, it was created with the aim of entertaining families and tourists from around the world.

Important: Currently the Ulengo Center is closed. As soon as we have information about your reopening, we will update this information.

Ulengo Center is one of the largest shopping centers in Angola, which has the largest national amusement park, the shopping center is a private initiative of the Glakeni Group company.

Ulengo Center is considered one of the largest Entertainment Centers in Africa, due to its size, and for bringing together various types of attractions and leisure in one place, which are the shopping center and the amusement park, and with other portfolio investments for be implemented in the same place in the long term.


The Ulengo Center occupies an area of 120,000 m2, its construction began in 2012 and was inaugurated in July 2015, in the year in which it was inaugurated, the investment was valued at 56,000,000 US dollars, and that today the investment is valued at more than the invested capital due to devaluation of the Kwanza against the US dollar and other market-related variations.

epic tape cut

Despite being a private initiative, the Ulengo Center in its inauguration was attended by the Minister of Commerce Rosa Escórcio Pacavira who cut the ribbon, the government participated in the inauguration in order to encourage other investors and toast the existence of new jobs , leisure, fun, all this sums up in the growth of Angola's investments.

Name origin

The investment was given the name Ulengo, because it derives from a Cokwe national language, Ulengo means “Play” in this dialect, the shopping center not only for shopping, or enjoying the gastronomy in food courts and kiosks. The main one of this shopping center is the amusement park, with machines and toys that exist only in this park in Angola.

Strategic location 

The Ulengo Center is located in Luanda, Belas municipality, Calemba 2 district, its location is quite strategic because it connects the highway, which connects Benfica, Patriota, Kilamba, Camama, Zango, cacuaco, and other roads. It is located next to the 11 de Novembro football stadium and towards the Dr. António Agostinho Neto University Campus.

Private car park

Right at the entrance to the shopping center, you can see a private car park in the backyard of the Shopping with a capacity to receive more than 1000 vehicles, meaning that the place was built with the intention of families, individuals and companies to live experiences of incredible days.

Ulengo Center Building

The investment structure has a 3-storey building, which has escalators and standard stairs, and this shopping center building is divided into the following service areas:

  • With more than 200 stores for office and commercial areas, with a size ranging from 9 m2 at 677 m2.
  • 3 food courts, 39 restaurants and 14 kiosks.
  • 3 movie theaters, with image qualities ranging from 3D to 5D.
  • Playroom
  • Spaces for holding events
  • Playground

amusement park

After entering the car park and crossing the shopping center building, you will find the largest amusement park in Angola, this is the main business card for those looking to visit, discover and enjoy the services that the park has to offer. , among the ques we can highlight the following:

  • Rollercoaster
  • flying caravel
  • ostrich cage
  • restaurant plane
  • giant carousel
  • Pirate ship
  • Crash cars and others

The amusement park has more than 20 rides.

Project in portfolio

The Glakeni Group, still within the Ulengo Center project, has in its portfolio an investment in a water park at Ulengo Center, in order to offer families, individuals and companies guaranteed fun in a single place, dry park and wet park.

Another attraction in Ulengo Center's investment portfolio is the creation of a small zoo, which initially will only feature exhibits of live and rare snakes that can be found in Angola, in order to attract more tourists to the shopping centre.

With this guide you can enjoy a complete visit to the Ulengo Center park. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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