The Maculusso neighborhood is a must-visit portal located in the city center of Luanda, with remarkable stories and historic buildings. It is a successful neighborhood with many places to visit.


Maculusso is a neighborhood located in the province Luanda that emerged during the period of Portuguese colonization in Angola.

During colonization, neighborhoods were built for the population (merchants, missionaries, soldiers and others), it was on this path that the first infrastructure constructions in the Maculusso neighborhood began.

Nowadays Maculusso is one of the best neighborhoods to live or visit in Luanda, the neighborhood has excellent houses, leisure areas, historic sites, hotels (RK Suite Hotel, Residential DB, Luanda Plaza and others), restaurants (KFC, Barbaric, Venice, Lebanese and others).

Buildings and iconic spots

Holy Family Church: Built in 1964. The Sagrada Família Church was the first modern church to be built in this period and gave a new look to the city of Luanda.

Lucrécia Paim Maternity: Built in 1972, in the first phase it was renamed Maternity Central. After independence in 1975, it was renamed Maternity Lucrécia Paim.

Dipanda Towers: Dipanda is an Angolan term that means “Independence of Angola”. For this reason, a modern building was built on the site where Angola's independence was proclaimed, in 1975 (Largo da Independência).

Tropical Cinema: It is a historic building built in 1960 by Portuguese settlers. Nowadays, it is used as a stage for various cultural events.

What to do

  • Visit Largo da Independence: It was in the independence square that in 1975 the first president of the Republic of Angola (Dr. António Agostinho Neto) proclaimed independence for the people. It is also known Largo do 1º of May.
  • Visit Shopping Chamavo: It is one of the oldest shopping malls in the city of Luanda. It is located on Ho Chi Minh Avenue.
  • Njinga Mbande: It is one of the cultural stages where the best theater plays in the city of Luanda are performed.

Additional Information:

The Maculusso neighborhood is delimited by the following avenues and streets:

  • Av. Ho Chi Minh until Rei Katyavala Street.
  • Av. Linine, Calle Kwame Nkrumat, Calle Dom Manuel I, Calle Nicolau Gomes Spencer, which connects Av. Ho Chi Minh.

With this tourist guide you can enjoy a complete visit to the Maculusso district. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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