Discovering Angola: New Luanda Airport and Easier Access for Tourists

Angola's tourist panorama is on the rise with the introduction of several facilitating measures, including the inauguration of the New Luanda International Airport and visa exemptions for travelers from 98 different nations.

Let's explore how these new measures can serve as a springboard for the expansion of tourism, attracting more visitors and foreign investment, and contributing to Angola's economic opening.

Opening of the new Luanda airport

The expected inauguration of the New Luanda International Airport, taking place on 10 November, marks an important milestone in the improvement of Angola's transport infrastructure. With a colossal investment of three billion dollars, this modern airport is prepared to welcome up to 15 million passengers annually.

This project, which received a considerable financial contribution from China, is located in the municipality of Bom Jesus, some 40 km southeast of the heart of Luanda, with a direct rail connection to the city center planned. Started in 2013 and taken over by the Angolan government in 2017, this venture is seen as a decisive step towards national economic development.

Open Doors to Tourism

The recent visa exemption policy for citizens of 98 countries positions Angola on a favorable path to global tourism, facilitating travel and promoting tourist and business exploration. As established by presidential decree, beneficiaries of this measure can enjoy stays of up to 30 days per entry, for a total of up to 90 days per year.

This openness policy, particularly emphasized in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, the United States, Russia and China, is part of a broader strategy to promote and grow the tourism sector.

Economic Repercussion

These initiatives are perfectly in line with Angola's objectives of diversifying its economy and becoming more attractive for foreign investment. The new airport promises to reinforce air connectivity and accessibility to the country, while the visa exemption has the potential to increase the flow of visitors, thus boosting local tourism.

Furthermore, by simplifying the entry of tourists and investors, Angola is creating a more inviting business climate, which can, in turn, attract more foreign investment.

These actions reflect a renewed vision, based on improving infrastructure and integrating Angola into the global arena, creating a scenario more conducive to investment and tourist discovery.

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