Carp Diem Resort Tropical

The Carp Diem Resort Tropical is a space that has the necessary conditions to provide well-being and leisure for its guests.

The Carp Resort Tropical is located at a distance of 122 kilometers from Luanda. Thus, it is approximately two hours by road to the Resort. A trip that is even short, as the Carp Diem Resort Tropical offers unforgettable moments of leisure.


The Resort is located in an area with exotic beaches and close to the freshwater rivers of Angola. Cabo Ledo, Luanda.

Cabo Ledo is a commune belonging to the municipality of Quiçama. This region is known for the historic landmarks that exist in that region, most erected during the colonization era.

In Cabo Ledo there is a poster of obligatory visits that cannot be missed, as an example we highlight:

  • Fostuir da Quiçama
  • Cal do Bom Jesus Lighthouse
  • Former Jesuit Church of Barra do Dande
  • The Archaeological Site of Ambriz
  • Ruins of the former residence of the head of the Bom Jesus post
  • Sanctuary of Mama Muxima that brings together thousands of faithful of the Catholic Church for the pilgrimage.


The Carp Diem Resort Tropical aims to provide well-being and tranquility, which means that its guests are in constant contact with nature. For this reason, Carp Diem has 19 bungalows that were built with national wood.

To make the experience even more incredible, the Resort decided not to install cable TV in the bungalows. Each unit has a very meticulous decoration in its details.


Carp Diem Resort Tropical has a restaurant and bars. The restaurant specializes in serving typical Angolan foods, made with natural ingredients coming directly from the land, river and sea.

The Carp Diem Bars are available to gather friends, families, or individuals in moments of leisure with relaxed conversations, gifts and several other memorable moments.


To keep its guests very comfortable, Carp Diem Resort Tropical has some services such as the following:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool;
  • meeting facilities;
  • Private beach;
  • Playground;
  • 24h room service;
  • Mini bar;
  • 24h car park with video surveillance;
  • 24-hour internal security;
  • Baggage service.

Extra activities

O Carp Diem Resort Tropical has a set of leisure activities to entertain visitors and experience unique experiences. Carp Diem has the following extra activities:

  • Walk;
  • Reptile observation;
  • Bird Watching;
  • Mammal observation;
  • Fishing;
  • Boat ride;
  • Visit to the Sanctuary;
  • Visit to the ruins;

Getting to know the Carp Diem Resort Tropical allows visitors to be in direct contact with Nature, other extra activities that should be done during their stay include taking advantage of getting to know the Kwanza River and the Quissama National Park.

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