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Kilombo Botanical Center

The Kilombo Botanical Center is known for the wide variety of trees, plants and flowers, the place is an important center dedicated to the study and preservation of different plant species.

The Kilombo Botanical Center is linked to the study and preservation of plants and the agricultural culture of the country in general, in particular the Kwanza Norte province. It is located 5 km from the capital Ndalatando, and is one of the best tourist attractions in the province.

Much of the fame of leisure that the province of Kwanza Norte has to offer is provided by the charms of the Botanical Center, largely due to the dense forest, variety of species of animals and plants, and the always pleasant fresh air.

The place is considered by many to be a pearl hidden among the hills, due to the great variety of flowers, plants and trees, it was previously called Jardim Botânico do Cazengo.

This name was changed in 1961, having been renamed the Salazar Study Center (at the time the name of the capital of the province of Kwanza Norte), and is currently known as the Kilombo Botanical Center.

Main attractions

Enchanting for the diversity of plants, trees and flowers, the Botanical Center is a wonderful work of nature with the intervention of man, with a rich combination of beautiful flowers, plants and diverse flowers.

With the production of fruits such as mangoes, gajajas, strawberries and much more, it is possible to feel the wonderful smell of the fruits up close and appreciate the beautiful flowers and trees that make up the Botanical Center.

In addition to the pure air, the wide variety of trees and fruits, the famous porcelain roses that extend over 6 hectares that cover the Botanical Center stand out as the main attraction.

be sure to visit

For several reasons, the Botanical Center is one of the main tourist attractions in the province, and a mandatory stop when it comes to pure leisure.

From a tourist point of view, the center provides unforgettable moments for all visitors, largely because of the vast and incredible vegetation, fresh air and pleasant leisure environment.

So, if you are in Kwanza Norte province, be sure to visit the Kilombo Botanical Center and live a truly incredible experience.

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