Bessangana Brewery

Cervejaria Bessangana is a rustic, cozy space with a good atmosphere to spend quality time with the family and in unique company. The brewery brings a traditional concept, extremely innovative.

Cervejaria Bessangana

If we had to talk about a place that manages to create, without the slightest problem, the symbiosis between the tradition that characterizes us and elegance, certainly the name that would come to mind would be “Bessangana Brewery”.

Cervejaria Bessangana is a restaurant and brewery that focuses essentially on Angolan cuisine and culture. Focused on a more informal and relaxed public, Bessangana presents late afternoon or early morning proposals.

Talking about valuing what is characteristic of us, as Angolans, Bessangana offers, on weekends, exhibitions of plastic artists, good music and exhibitions of traditional groups.

Natural environment, magnificent view at sunset, live music are aspects that are very present in the daily life of Cervejaria Bessangana.

Bessangana Cervejaria

Bessangana Brewery Space

Cervejaria Bessangana provides a good environment to spend quality time with the family and in unique company. In architectural terms, we highlight the details at the entrance and those inside. It's really exciting!

Inside the space we find two rooms, the first, called common, has a glazed design and a significant size. This one synchronizes with the wooden columns, very elegant. The second room is much more intimate, has beautiful private bathrooms and with a capacity of 50 people, the white tone predominates.

Bessangana Cervejaria

Kitchen Highlight

Enjoying the Bessangana Brewery, which has an elegant layout and a wonderful view, is a pleasure for our eyes, but the stomach prefers to receive what comes from the kitchen to the tables. 


Cervejaria Bessangana has several suggestions for dishes of the day. these suggestions include the most requested meat service, from steaks and grilled dishes to traditional dishes such as mufete, stew and calulu.

Of the various options to choose from for starters, the most requested are the snacks, sea woodpecker and prawns with garlic. 

Cervejaria Bessangana has an exclusive menu, something you don't see on many menus in the city of Luanda: cassava octopus salad, the seafood combination called “sea board”, chicken breast with the delicious ravioli and ginguba. Ah, there is also the house treasure, the delicious Tomahawk Steak: the magnificent beef rib meat with the perfect dimensions for lovers of this material.

The most requested desserts are the beer pudding and the delicious gateau de múcua.

Bessangana Cervejaria

Drinks Card

Can you imagine tasting a delicious dish without a liquid accompaniment? Bessangana doesn't give you room for that, after all it's also a brewery.

Betting on what is natural, Bessangana is the only place in the country, so far, that serves Fino Eka and the iconic beers N'gola, Nocal and the three options of Cuca.

Cervejaria Bessangana is not, in fact, just another space in Luanda. This space offers the pleasant and refreshing Caipirinha of passion fruit with Cuca Preta and red fruit Sangria based on the wonderful Cuca Loira.

Bessangana Cervejaria

Location of Bessangana Brewery 

The Bessangana brewery is located in Luanda Island, next to the Grill Restaurant.

Pay a visit, get traditional and GOOD APPETITE!

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