Mangais Ecoturismo Golf Resort

Mangais Ecoturismo Golf Resort is a tourist complex, a place where you can enjoy the best of golf.


O Mangais Ecoturismo Golf Resort  it is a tourist complex, a place where you can enjoy the best golf adventures. This is a space endowed with an infrastructure embellished by the green of nature, surrounded by palm trees, baobab trees, coconut trees and lakes. The space has all the conditions that convey the peace and tranquility that every visitor needs.


It is located in Barra do Kwanza, in the municipality of Belas, 80km from the country's capital (Luanda).

The Barra do Kwanza district (the real test of Africa) is one of the biggest tourist spots in Luanda, the highly recommended destination for those who decide to take the weekend to rest and spend time with their family without having to spend a lot of money. The place is populated by a small and very warm population, which allows any tourist to learn more about the habits and customs that make up the Angolan culture.

Therefore, those visiting the country for the first time should definitely visit Barra do Kwanza, with the tourist complex Mangais Ecoturismo Golf Resort as the main reference for accommodation; an accommodation that offers you the maximum amount of entertainment activities to complete your stay.

The tourist complex is perfectly integrated with nature, respecting the fauna and flora in order to minimize the environmental impact.


At Mangais Ecoturismo Golf Resort you can enjoy the wonders of golf, living in harmony with nature, in a unique panorama in Angola. To make your stay memorable. The space has 7 bungalows and suites with different types, including: T1, T2, T3.


The Mangais Resort Tourist Complex serves typical Angolan and international dishes, as an option to taste one of the dishes you can choose from à la carte, which is part of this menu.


  • Hospitality;
  • Pool;
  • SPA (where you can enjoy the jacuzzi and have a relaxing massage to soothe your body).

extra activities 

The golf course was designed with the highest standards of requirements, has 18 holes, the maximum distance of which is 7,000 meters (with characteristic of a Championship) allowing the player to have the choice to play in the course they want.

  • Golf club;
  • Soccer;
  • Pedestrian Tours;
  • Equestrian Polo (take riding lessons, or just horseback riding);
  • Fishing Activity;
  • Boat ride;
  • Bird watching.

You know, if you need a place to relax, visit the tourist complex Mangais Ecoturismo Resort, a place where you can enjoy the adventures of golf. Take the opportunity to relax while enjoying the beautiful landscape that extends from the Plain of the River Kwanza to the shores of the Atlantic.

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