Grill terrace

Think of a place where you can enjoy a good carvery, in a pleasant, natural climate and that is perfect not only for you, but to spend quality time with friends or family... by many, as rodizio heaven.

Esplanada Grill

Esplanada Grill offers quality to its customers, from the details in the exterior design to the services provided. Today it is a highly recommended space to spend the evening and enjoy a beautiful sunset in the company of the menu to your liking.

Esplanada Grill



ANDEsplanada Grill space


The Esplanada Grill has ample and well-organized space. The space consists of the wooden terrace that provides a magnificent view of the beach, on this side of the Grill.

The most popular meals are, among other lighter ones, pizzas, hamburgers and picanha on the plate, the latter really being one of the specialties of this paradise 

The Grill also has a large covered dining room in the central building. This space has two rooms for those who wish to be in a more “VIP” environment and a room for completely private events.

Remember we said that the Grill is an ideal space to be with the family too? Well, it has a small playground for the Kandengues.

With a private and secure car park, it has spaces for 200 vehicles.

When it comes to cuisine, Esplanada Grill has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, kitchen ever seen in the different restaurants spread across the city of Luanda. 

Esplanada Grill

Terrace Grill kitchen

While we're on land, it's a good idea to visit the “rodizio paradise” . With meat, mostly imported from the United States of America, these are grilled on the plate or on the magnificent skewer. 

With nothing to hide, some cuts of meat, including the large beef rib, are sliced in front of the customer after being cooked.

The Esplanada Grill has a full menu: sirloin steak with and without garlic, filet mignon simple and wrapped in bacon, chicken breast with bacon, there is also the delicious spicy sausage, pork chops. And if that wasn't enough, there's also, if you want to sweeten the meal, grilled pineapple.

Before going there, know that, among the wonders of this paradise, the other asset of the Grill is the buffet. In it you can also find several delicacies from our wonderful land: corn and bombó funge, high breast, calulu and others.

The Esplanada Grill also serves an international menu, cold lobsters, sushi and other components of that menu on the other side of the ocean. On weekends to pop star of the buffet is the giant paella, right in the center of the room. 

The space also offers a variety when it comes to what to drink, after all it is not just food that makes a beautiful meal, it needs to be accompanied by the perfect drink.

With national drinks available to all, the Esplanada Grill also offers a wine list, mainly Portuguese. You can choose from different cocktail flavors or natural juices.

additional events

The Esplanada Grill is a paradise, not only for the rodizio, but for the magic that exists in this space. He is famous for his cultural agenda. It offers its customers live music, theme nights (special days) and stand-up comedy.

The space can also be rented as a whole for other events.

Esplanada Grill


Location of Esplanada Grill

The Esplanada Grill has a privileged location, for this reason it is easy to find, it is located on the Cape Island, Luanda. Shortly after the Forest for those coming towards Ponto Final.

One last piece of advice: go hungry and bon appetit!

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