Maiombe Forest

The Maiombe Forest is the second largest forest in the world. It is located in Africa, most of it is in Angolan territory. Discover more about one of the 7 Wonders of Angola.

The Maiombe Forest is the second largest forest in the world, behind the Amazon rainforest in South America. It is also known as the second lung of planet earth.

It is a forest reserve and a true tourist paradise for nature lovers. The Maiombe forest has trees that reach over 50 meters in height.

Additionally, it is one of the biggest sources of income for companies that extract wood. In this region there are woods of many qualities such as blackwood, ebony and African sandalwood.

Due to its enormous importance in the lives of living beings and its unique natural beauty, it is considered one of the 7 Wonders of Angola.

Location and dimension


The Maiombe forest is located in the province of Cabinda, the enclave of Angola. In geographical terms, the province of Cabinda it is isolated from the other provinces on the map.

The Maiombe Forest has a total of 290 thousand hectares. It starts in the province of Cabinda, crosses the south of the Republic of Congo and, in the north, divides the Republic of Congo with the southern part of Gabon.

How to get


To get to Floresta do Maiombe, if your starting point is in the capital city of Luanda. First, it is necessary to travel to the province of Cabinda via TAA – Companhia Aérea de Angola, at the domestic airport in Luanda, or by sea using a public transport vessel.

Once in Cabinda, you should follow the road to the north of the province, passing through the following areas: Futila, Landana, Buco-zau and Belize.

rivers and mountains

Rivers in Maiombe

The Maiombe Forest is bathed by several rivers, where several species of animals live. These rivers are also responsible for the balance of the ecosystem. The 3 largest rivers in the forest are as follows:

  • Shiloango River;
  • Lukula River;
  • Lubizi River.

Additionally, it has magnificent waterfalls and caves.

The Maiombe Forest also features several mountainous elevations, with emphasis on:

  • Mount Foungout – It is 930 meters high;
  • Monte Bamba – It is 810 meters high;
  • Kinoumbou Mountains – It is 784 meters high;
  • Kanga Mountains – It is 764 meters high;
  • Monte Bombo – It is 751 meters high;
  • Kiama Peak – It is 747 meters high.

 Fauna and Flora


The Maiombe Forest is a delight for nature lovers, as it is possible to find rare species of plants and animals.

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