Macoco Resort

Macoco Resort is a tourist complex that has the best attractions to provide you with unforgettable moments.

Macoco Resort is a small tourist village that exists to cater to guests who go in search of exotic places, to have their moments of rest, leisure and lots of fun.


Macoco Resort is located in the capital city. Luanda, at Mussulo Island, in Macoco, Slavery Museum. This is a privileged area and very well known as the place of choice for Angolans, it is an island that is considered a place of rest and relaxation for nationals and visitors.

Mussulo has beautiful beaches, lots of fun, safari, myths and legends.


At Macoco Resort, bungalows T1 and T2 offer comfort for the well-being of its guests.


The Resort has a restaurant with specialties of national and international cuisine. Restaurant Reservations must be made 3 days prior to departure to the Resort.


The Resort offers services ranging from air conditioning, swimming pool, minibar, microwave, satellite TV, with attractive prices. It also has a bar where you'll find the best and most exotic cocktails you've ever tasted.

Prices vary according to room type, and also varies according to season (summer and winter), being more expensive in summer and obviously cheaper in winter.

Prices (Summer)
House T1: 2/3 people = 30.000 kz
House T2: 6 people – 60,000kz (breakfast excluded) and 70,000kz (breakfast included)

Prices (Cacimbo)
House T1: 2/3 people = 20,000 kz
House T2: 6 people = 30,000 kz

Boat for Crossing the Island to Mussulo Island:
Hours: 6am to 5pm
Price: 1000Kz / person
Payment Methods: cash
Capacity: 9 people

Extra Activities

To make your experience memorable, the Macoco Resort has the following activities for you:

  • Relaxing massages (Spa);
  • Kayak Tours and Snooker Table (offers from the house);
  • Family Karaoke;
  • Hiking to the shore.

If you need a place to rest and dive on exotic beaches, Macoco Resort is the recommended place to make your stay memorable. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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