Moco Hill

Morro do Moco is one of the highest points in Angola with more than 2,620 m of altitude and 1510 of topographic prominence, discover what to do in Morro do Moco.

O Moco Hill is located in the province of Huambo, on the border between the municipalities of Ecunha and Lobduimbali, is considered the highest point of Angola with more than 2,620 m of altitude and 1510 of topographic prominence.

Because it has several incredible attributes, associated with the fact that it is the highest point in Angola and the magnificent tourism environment it provides to thousands of visitors looking for leisure, fun and adventure, since 2013 it is considered one of the 7 natural wonders of Angola .

From a tourist point of view, the relief presents its natural and sustainable form, so every weekend members of religious associations, students, excursionists from different parts of the country and foreigners visit the area to enjoy the charms of nature up close.

Discover the highest point in Angola


This emblematic place is quite impressive both for its natural beauty and for the leisure environment it offers visitors, making it the biggest tourist spot in the province.

This is one of those places that delights any visitor, it is without a doubt a mandatory stop.

Main attractions in Morro do Moco


The Morro is 40 km from the center of Huambo city, the place is much sought after by rappel, hang gliding and canoeing practitioners, who take advantage of the excellent conditions offered by the place, to practice their activities.

Another aspect to take into account is certainly the slopes of Morro do Moco, which are covered by the green mountain forest typical of this region of Angola, which has a rich ecosystem that is home to several species of local birds.

The beautiful landscape invites to bird watching and also to canoeing, completing the range of attractions of the place.

Be sure to visit this natural charm.


Among the various mandatory stops existing in the province of Huambo, Morro do Moco is certainly one of them, being the main tourist point of the central plateau, so if you are in the central plateau, visit and enjoy the charms of this work of nature.

Visit Angola, visit Huambo and be sure to visit the highest point in the country.

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