Cameia National Park

Visiting Cameia National Park is immersing yourself in a world where there are no marks of human intervention. It's diving into a world where the animal and plant kingdoms prevail and show us how important they are for the preservation of the environment.

Cameia National Park is a stunning forest reserve that Angola has. A park that occupies an area of 14,450 km2.

It is located in the largest province of Angola, Moxico.

In 1935 it was considered a hunting reserve area. For having varieties of rare animals. Later it became a National Park, in 1957.

Cameia National Park is bounded to the north by the Benguela railway, to the west by the Lumege river and to the east by the Luanguenge, Chifumagi, Zambezi and Lulua rivers.

In ancient times, animals such as:

  • The giant black sable;
  • Buffalos;
  • Antelopes;
  • Warthogs;
  • Lions;
  • Leopards and others.

Moxico is a very rich and conservative province in Angola. Conserve of its cultural values and rich for possessing diverse mineral resources.

How to get 

Cameia National Park is located in the municipality of Lumege Cameia. This municipality is located at a distance of 125 km from the main municipality, which is Luena.

It is a route worth taking, because at the end of the trip it is possible to come across exotic places that Angola has.

What to do 

When visiting Cameia National Park, the main points that should not be missed are the following:

  • Visit Chanas;
  • Visit the rivers;
  • Enjoy the rare animals that the park has;
  • Get to know the cultural diversity of the Lumege Cameia municipality.

The National Park is an excellent place for nature lovers.

A camera cannot be missing nearby to record these unique moments that the National Park has to offer its visitors.

Second Largest National Park in Angola

Until now it is considered as the second largest National Park in Angola.

In addition to enjoying grass plains, in almost all areas of the park there are rivers close by. Additionally, we find in this Park a lagoon that is the Calundo lagoon.

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