Pipas Beach

Praia das Pipas is a beach made up of a huge stretch of white sand. Located on the coast north of the city of Namibe. Discover the main attractions of this beach.

Getting to know Pipas beach

Characterized by the large expanse of white sand and clean water, Praia das Pipas is one of the main tourist attractions in the region. Namibe province, much due to the natural wealth and the calm and comfortable environment that it offers to visitors. The beach is at a distance of 1 hour from the center of Namibe city.

During the year, hundreds of people visit the beach in search of leisure, Pipas beach is, for many tourists, a real home and source of livelihood for both leisure seekers and those who make a home out of the sea.

Praia das Pipas is one of the mandatory stops in the city of Namibe, the place is frequented by tourists mainly from the southern region of the African continent.

Main attractions at Praia das Pipas

The beautiful beach, in addition to a lot of fun, also provides moments of great attraction with stories of fishermen, who according to villagers, stories are the soul of the beach.

According to the more than 500 residents of the village around the beach, it was a tradition to welcome visitors with fresh fish.

Although the history of the last century is still alive, Praia das Pipas is currently the ideal place to get away from the work routine and enjoy an incredible afternoon of leisure.

With blue water and a wide expanse of white sand, walking the sand and watching the sea is one of the many options for those who want to avoid major confusion.

To complement the magnificent leisure environment provided by the blue sea and a wide expanse of white sand, after a few kilometers there is an incredible variety of animal remains that are more than 66 million years old.

Providing what is known as authentic leisure, where knowledge is associated with fun.

Practiced very often, sport fishing is one of the main attractions that the beach offers, this practice leaves many fish, lobsters and shrimp, which serves as food for many families.

The leisure environment on the beach, as incredible as it may seem, does not end only during the day, as this magnificent experience can be extended at night thanks to the camps made on the large stretch of sand on the beach.

Visit Praia das Pipas

Given the atmosphere of peace and leisure that the place offers, Praia das Pipas is the ideal place to take your family and friends and relax and unwind a little.

For this and other reasons, Praia das Pipas is one of the many natural charms existing in the province of Namibe that you cannot miss, otherwise you will miss one of the biggest and best experiences from a tourist point of view in the city of Namibe, so you already know, if you visit the desert city, be sure to visit Praia das Pipas.

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