Bay Flamingo Resort

Flamingo Bay Resort is the concept of rest and leisure. It is an accommodation that has stunning views, located on an island in Luanda. Find out more about the services that Flamingo Bay Resort has for its guests.

Flamingo Bay Resort is a luxury hotel establishment located on an exotic island. The accommodation opened in 2019, in the month of February.

The Bay Flamingo Resort allows access to views of the main bay and the coastline. It is an appropriate place for families, friends, companies and individuals looking for leisure.

The resort has a management that is concerned with satisfying, in a satisfactory way, the expectations of guests who seek to relax on this paradise island.


Mussulo Island

Flamingo Bay Resort is located in Luanda province, mussulo island. THE muscle island It is a place chosen par excellence by Luandans and tourists from various points.

Mussulo Island is the tourist spot that offers several areas for leisure and stay. It has a stunning natural beauty, where the palm trees and the tranquility of the place leave visitors very relaxed.

To get to Flamingo Bay Resort, there are two alternative routes:

On the one hand, we have the route of a marine vessel (embarcadouro da samba, benfica capossoca or even in the slavery museum).

On the other hand, we have the route along the EN100 road (it will cover about 9.5 km of dirt road), it is advisable to have 4×4 traction cars.


The Bay Flamingo Resort provides its services in order to meet the level of satisfaction of its guests. To meet the satisfaction of amenities, the resort has 15 suites with 3 different types:

• Single suite bay;

• Double/Family Bay Room;

• Contracosta single suite;

• Contracosta single suite + sofa bed.

The resort has 2 different types of bungalows. One type of bungalows is made of brick construction and tile roof, this one is separated from each other.

The other type of bungalows is built of bricks and the roof is made of straw wattle and daub. Each bungalow has an equipped patio.


Flamingo Bay – Mussulo

Resort Bay Flamingo offers Angolan gastronomic cuisine and some international dishes, often European cuisine. The restaurant serves the 3 main meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

If you want to enjoy a cool drink, in the heat of Luanda. You reach the bar, built next to the pool. Being in the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view of the sea.


pool by the sea

The Bay Flamingo Resort has the following hotel facilities:

• 2 swimming pools (one for adults and one for children);

• Parking lot;

• Events room (with capacity for 40 people);

• Crossing boat (no additional costs);

• Kindergarten with games;

• Video surveillance cameras – CCTV;

• Laundry;

• Playground;

• Baby sister service;

• Cable TV;

• Wi-fi, and cable internet.


extra activities

To keep your guests entertained on Mussulo Island. The Bay Flamingo Resort has the following extra activities:

• Camping, set up next to the pool, by the sea (tents have a capacity of up to 3 places);

• Sport fishing;

• Canoeing;

• Live music;

• Karaoke;

• Beach volleyball.


Private beach (bay and contracostra)

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