Soba Beach Resort

Resort Praia do Soba is an exotic place for those who want to relax away from the city center, away from the urban noise. This resort is located on the seafront.

The Praia do Soba resort is an exotic, peaceful place that allows people to relax. Here, it is possible to have direct contact with the desert, the beach and the sea.

The crashing of ocean waves, the sound of the desert wind. These are the noises produced by nature that take over this magnificent place.


The Praia do Soba Resort is located in Namibe province🇧🇷 It is 80 kilometers from the province's seat, a distance that deserves to be traveled, as the place is very inspiring.

To get to Praia do Bispo, it is recommended to use a 4×4 vehicle, because of the desert along the road and other obstacles that force you to use cars adapted for all terrains. In Angola, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a very used car to reach these destinations.

Accommodations and decorations

Built in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, the Resort Praia do Soba are a real surprise. They are scattered bungalows with block constructions, covered with wooden and straw rafts, with a small balcony at the top of the bungalows.


The bungalows are of the duplex type and are prepared to receive a number of 2 to 6 people for each bungalow. It has a rustic wooden decor.


Resort Praia do Soba has a kitchen that serves typical Angolan food and some international dishes. Namibe is a province abundant in seafood, which is why these are some of the specialties that the resort's restaurant has been serving.


With a refined atmosphere, the Resort has a bar, with rustic wooden decorations. This is an ideal place to gather friends and families, even visitors themselves, in order to create an environment conducive to harmony and leisure.


As hotel facilities, Praia do Soba has the following services:

  • Parking;
  • Garden;
  • Swimming pool with a breathtaking view of the sea;
  • Laundry;
  • Private beach;
  • Non-smoking room;

extra activities

If you want to visit the Praia do Soba Resort, you will certainly want to experience outstanding adventures, which in a way could become one of the reasons for wanting to return to this magnificent place. You can do the following extra activities:

  • Enjoy a beautiful private beach far from the city center;
  • Safari in the Namib Desert;
  • Climb rocky mountains;
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