Cathedral of Huambo

When visiting the province of Huambo you cannot miss the Cathedral of Huambo which is a church built during the colonization period of Angola, discover why it is now considered as cultural heritage.

Located in the city center of Huambo, on the avenue of independence, Rua Granja, the Cathedral of Huambo It began to be built in 1937, having hosted the first mass on Christmas Eve 1939.

Currently, it is one of the main tourist attractions of the central plateau, this heritage has been attracting many visitors over the years, so, from a tourist point of view, it is without a doubt a mandatory stop.

Brief History of the Cathedral of Huambo

Since 1940, the Cathedral of Huambo has been dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Conceição, patron saint of the archdiocese of Huambo.

It was elevated to archdiocese in 1977 and in the wake of the changes that occurred after the country's independence from Portugal, its name was changed to Huambo, namesake of the archdiocese's seat city.

In the beginning, the Cathedral was simply visited by Catholic faithful, with the passage of time due to its cultural importance, the place was elevated to the category of cultural heritage and the place became frequented by many travelers, both national and foreign.

In 2014, this important 20th century heritage went through a rehabilitation process that lasted about nine months, however, the structure kept its original features and continues to stand out right in the city center for the beautiful structure that continues to enchant visitors.

Why visit the Cathedral of Huambo

The Cathedral of Huambo is one of the most beautiful and iconic monuments in the city of Huambo, and is constantly referred to as one of the sights not to be missed when visiting the beautiful city of Huambo.

Visiting this cultural heritage is a guarantee of guaranteed leisure and learning, as the wonderful place and the very hospitable population make the visit more attractive and pleasant.

The place is characterized as being one of the main tourist destinations in the province, which annually receives thousands of visitors. The beautiful structure in its friendly colonial style, with white and blue walls, is certainly one of the symbols of the city's architecture.

To complement the visit, there are a variety of amazing places in the vicinity of the Cathedral of Huambo, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, banks, cafes and much more. For this and other reasons, this important cultural heritage is one of the city's mandatory stops.

Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Huambo

If you are on the central plateau, be sure to visit this magnificent monument, as, in addition to being beautiful from a structural point of view, the Cathedral of Huambo preserves the history of the Portuguese presence in Angola.

With an emblematic structure from the 20th century that continues to enchant thousands of visitors, the place provides a true environment for leisure and time travel, in what is without a doubt one of the experiences that the visitor will certainly want to repeat.

Discover Nova Lisboa and visit the Cathedral and live a truly incredible experience. Much because of the charms of the province provided by its hospitable population and the charm of the well-preserved emblematic structure of the 20th century, the Sé Catedral do Huambo.

With this tour guide you will be able to know the value that the Cathedral brings to Angola, we wish you a great visit. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!


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