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Shopping Fortaleza

Shopping Fortaleza is one of the largest shopping centers in Angola, located in one of the most renowned areas of the capital city. The mall has stores of national and international brands. Find out more about Shopping Fortaleza and discover your new shopping and leisure corner.

Shopping Fortaleza is one of the largest shopping centers in Luanda, which increased the choice of services for its customers. Opened on November 20, 2020. Shopping Fortaleza brings a new concept of leisure.

Shopping Fortaleza has a total of 11,400 m2. The building has a modern construction, has 5 floors. On the outside of the building, most of it is covered with concrete and a smaller part is covered with glass.

Additionally, it has a total of 80 stores and 480 parking spaces.

The name given to Shopping Fortaleza was given in honor of “Fortaleza de São Miguel”. The Fortress of São Miguel is a historical-architectural heritage, it is also known as the museum of the Armed Forces of Angola.


Photo Shopping area and São Miguel Fortress

Shopping Fortaleza is located in Luanda Bay, is a tourist area, a must-visit portal in the capital city of Luanda.

The Shopping has been increasing the value of the perimeter, the Bay of Luanda is an appropriate place for leisure. In this place national and international music festivals are organized. Place to practice exercises and has an amusement park.

Shopping Fortaleza was the first mall to be built in downtown Luanda. Privileged area for being on the maritime coast, and for the great events that took place in that place during the colonization in Angola.

Management, environment and decoration

Shopping Fortaleza

Fortaleza stands out for its management system which is quite advanced, it is considered one of the best management systems for shopping centers in the world. It is the same management system used in the mall at Dubai International Airport.

As for its environment and decoration, the mall has a stunning decoration, a bright, peaceful environment. Excellent place to choose to have leisure time with friends, families, or private.



The mall has a total of 80 stores, some of which are national brands and others international, which provide a variety of services. It is a shopping center where families will be able to find almost everything that covers their needs, as well as the following services:

  • supermarkets;
  • Restaurants;
  • movie theaters;
  • real estate and automobiles;
  • Banking institutions;
  • Amusement park;
  • Clothing and footwear stores;
  • And other various types of service provision.

View provided to the Bay of Luanda

photo of the interior

If you are on top of Shooping Fortaleza, you can certainly fall in love with the incredible view that will be provided to you over the Bay of Luanda.

More than enjoying this incredible view, you can live unforgettable experiences exploring Shopping Fortaleza. That has many surprises.

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