The municipality of Talatona is known for concentrating a large number of high quality infrastructures such as towers for residential and commercial use.


The city and municipality of Talatona in Luanda was distinctly designed by the Angolan government with the aim of reducing the high traffic in the city center, housing various administrative and economic services that were once located in the center of Luanda city.

This is composed of the following districts:

  • Benfica;
  • Futungo de Belas;
  • Home of the Patriot;
  • Talathon;
  • Bed;
  • University City.

Located 17 km from Luanda city centre, Talatona is known for concentrating a large number of high quality infrastructures, such as towers for residential and commercial use (among which the Belas Business Park and the City stand out Financial), condominiums, stores, offices, restaurants and many other places of leisure.

The noble municipality of Talatona, known for its condominiums, shopping centers, convention center, offices and restaurants aimed at the middle-high and high-income segments of society, is the symbol of modernity in Angola. With the concentration of several sectors in a single area, the municipality of Talatona makes life easier, contributing to the reduction of the traffic flow, which until then was a major problem in the Angolan capital.

Iconic Points

The municipality of Talatona has more than 100 places for leisure and comfort distributed in hotels, restaurants, barbecue grills. Among the many incredible places that make up Talatona, from the point of view of leisure, the first 5-star hotel in the country stand out, the Talatona Convention Hotel (HCTA), Belas Shopping, Talatona Shopping, the Dolce Vita condominium and many other beautiful spaces. It should be noted that Belas Shopping is the first modern shopping center in Luanda, comprising eight cineplace movie theaters, a gastronomic space, a leisure area and more than 100 real estate, electronics and fashion stores, making the place one of the most visited of the city. Meanwhile, the Dolce Vita condominium houses several offices of renowned Angolan and foreign companies in the Angolan market, including Movicel, Unitel and Zap.

What to do 

Due to the great concentration of places for leisure, work and entertainment, the municipality of Talatona will surprise you in many ways, making your visit memorable. If you are looking to unwind and relax, visit Belas Shopping, an ideal place to provide you with moments of leisure and entertainment. You can opt for Talatona Shopping, which has a wonderful view from the terrace, which is conducive to unforgettable moments; you can even take a tour of the Bueno Vivo, to the Luanda Lounge space, to the Churrasqueira Talatona where you can enjoy the best typical dishes in the country. 

On the way to Talatona, you will have the opportunity to discover the districts of Benfica with a beautiful and very well-known beach, Futungo de Belas, Lar do Patriota and the admirable urban structure of Camama. For this and many other reasons, Talatona is a great place to live, work and invest.

Come visit the city of Talatona, don't forget to register all the beautiful moments in photographs!

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