Viana is one of the 7 municipalities belonging to the city of Luanda. It has interesting stories and exotic places that cannot be missed.


Viana is a municipality in the province of Luanda, the term Viana is a surname of Portuguese origin that has the meaning “Mountains or mountains”. The name was given by António Viana, it was a Portuguese colonizer who settled in this place when he was traveling by train between the port of Luanda and the Kwanza river.

It received its first residents in the 1920s, after the settlers fixed their rooms during their travels. It was considered as a municipality on December 13, 1963 and comprises the communes of Viana, Calumbo and Barra do Kwanza.

Little by little it grew administratively, nowadays it is considered as the second municipality with more inhabitants in the city of Luanda with a number of 1,605,291 inhabitants (Data from the 2014 Population Census - INE). The municipality covers an area of 1,344 km².

Building and Iconic Points


It is one of the cities with the largest number of resorts in the capital city, they are one of the most excellent places that have leisure areas and a set of services that meet the comfort of its guests.

As an example, we have the following resorts:

  • Dream Space: It is a high standard resort with excellent amenities and many other surprises. It is located on dream space street in Kikuxi.
  • Bantu Resort: To stay in quiet areas, far from the hustle and bustle of Luanda, you can make reservations at the Bantu resort. Located in Kikuxi, highway

beer museum

The Beer Museum is a space for leisure and cultural activities. It is an iconic point in the municipality of Viana, it has a meticulous decoration. Cuca is the best beer in Angola, it is part of this decoration. Located in Kikuxi, highway.

Hotel IU – Viana

What to do

Know about the “Kuduro” rhythm

In the municipality of Viana it is possible to find musical artists of different styles. But what calls the most attention is the Kuduro music style and its extravagant dances, the municipality has a large number of Kuduristas who promote national music.

Discover Shopping Avenida – Viana: Located on Catete Road, near the Yellow Bridge.

Finally, you can enjoy a complete visit to the municipality of Viana. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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