beautiful shopping

Belas Shopping is a renowned leisure center, with numerous commercial stores. It was the first mall in Angola, opened in 2007. It is currently considered one of the best malls in Angola.

O beautiful shopping as it has a modern structure that was recently remodeled. When it opened, the mall was just a ground-floor structure. After undergoing some renovations in the last 5 years, this space has 1 new floor.

The renovation was carried out in a partial way, which did not impede the operation of the mall. It now has glass-enclosed elevators, escalators, a new playground for children at the back of the mall and much more.

Belas Shopping is a place that attracts a lot of tourists, due to its wide range of shops and restaurants.


Belas Shopping is located in the southern part of Luanda, in the Talatona🇧🇷 Talatona is an upscale neighborhood in the capital city that emerged with the aim of decentralizing the economic and financial market.

Talatona nowadays has some of the best condominiums in Luanda, and has strategic companies. For example, a part of Talatona is now known as the Financial City.

environment and decoration

Belas Shopping has a very peaceful and comfortable environment. It has been a favorite place for families, friends and individuals to spend leisure time. Shopping has the highest number of visitors at the weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

Its decoration on the outside is characterized by white and blue colors, inside there is a range of diversity in decoration, but it is quite common to find white tones, with decorative touches of wood.


Belas has more than 120 stores, of the most diverse types and genres. The responsible team guarantees that whoever visits Belas will certainly be able to find all the necessary services to meet the needs of visitors.

food court

If you want to taste national and international cuisine, Belas Shpping is the best place to find gastronomic diversities. In addition to the food court, which represents its heart, this shopping center has other restaurants and kiosks scattered inside and outside the mall.

The food court is one of the best places to taste the gastronomic diversity, as it has cuisine from the best restaurants in the city of Luanda and beyond.

cultural activity

Belas Shopping has an area for art exhibitions, books, a Christmas garden on the festive season, music and other attractions.

movie theaters

The movie theaters at Belas Shopping have brought together friends and families to see the most recent releases of the seventh art. So far, this space has the only 4DX cinema in Angola, which is a room with film transmission with special effects, as if the viewer were experiencing adventures in cinema.

parking lot

The parking lot at this shopping center is private. It has the capacity to accommodate hundreds of cars and more.

The car park has also served as a stage for large-scale events, such as music evenings with renowned artists.

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