Black Rocks of Malanje

Black Rocks are strange rock formations that have been around for millions of years that rise high above the savannah that surrounds them. There are reports that the footprints were carved on Queen Nzinga Mbandi Ngola and other Kings.

Black Rocks of Malange it is an area covered with mysterious large rocks. It is located in the middle of a forested area.

Black Rocks translated from Portuguese are Pedras Negras. It is a tourist spot that offers a wonderful view.

This site, in addition to providing an excellent view for visitors, also brings with it stories of the king and queen who were there and left their footprints marked.

According to historical accounts, the footprints of king N are marked in the Black Rocks of Malanje.'collar Kiluange and her daughter queen N'swing M'bandit.


Black Rocks is located in Malanje province, Cacuso municipality, Pungo Andongo commune.

Pungo Andongo in the colonial period was once considered to be the capital of the kingdom of Ndongo.

Pedras Negras are located at a distance of 116 km from the provincial town.


The Black Rocks are together, in the shape of a rectangle. These rocks have a dimension of 12km x 6km.

As for the height of the rocks, there are several heights. There are small rocks up to less than 1 meter high. The biggest rocks are about 200 meters high.

As for the structures of the rocks if looked at from different angles. Most rocks have animal-like shapes.

Be sure to visit the Black Rocks

When visiting this province, the Black Rocks of Malanje cannot be missed. Because this is a place that will allow you to discover fascinating stories, a place full of legends and myths.

You will also be able to take pictures with incredible views that this place has to offer. These huge black rocks that wrap themselves in the middle of the forest provide a unique and rare sight.

Be sure to take a walk on the black stones. There are ancient stairs that take the visitor to the top of some rocks. So you can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Changing colors in Black Rocks

The black rocks are separated from each other. In this interval of separation between them it is possible to see a rich fauna.

The colors at the top and sides of the Black Rocks of Malanje change through the seasons. In one season, rocks appear simply black. In another season, the rocks appear black with a great presence of green spaces, through the algae and mosses.

And so you can enjoy a complete visit to the Black Rocks of Malanje. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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