Chapel of Our Lady of Monte

Located in the province of Lubango, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte is alongside the Statue of Cristo Rei, one of the most tourist attractions in the province of Huíla and which many visitors have received.

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte is located on one of the tops of Serra da Chela, in Huila, the place, in addition to being a religious pilgrimage sanctuary that is of great symbolism and importance for the Catholic community, is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city that annually attracts thousands of tourists from various parts of the world.

Brief history of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte

According to historical sources, the construction of the chapel is marked by two distinct phases over time.

The first phase began with the construction of the primitive chapel guided by the bricklayer Jacinto Rodrigues and the carpenter João da Silva, in 1902.

The first open-air mass was celebrated on August 15, 1902, with the chapel still under construction.

From the 15th of August 1903, the population of Lubango started to go to the chapel to celebrate the pilgrimage that became traditional;

While the second phase began in 1919, João Henrique de Azevedo idealized and designed a wider chapel that could be visible from any corner of the village and was inaugurated in 1921.

Although another chapel was built at the top of Serra da Chela, the place continued to be insufficient to house the faithful, as the place was visited by many people.

So, in order to accommodate more faithful, the architect Frederico Ludovici conceived an open-air project in a space below the chapel where the masses of August are held today, when the flow of faithful is greater.

How to get to Nossa Senhora do Monte do Lubango Chapel

Access to the chapel is via a paved road that winds through the mountains for an approximate distance of 300 meters to the space destined for open-air mass, which is a plan.

To access the chapel, it is necessary to climb at least a 200-meter staircase, and the chapel is located at the top of the Serra da Chela.

Main activities carried out in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte

In the beginning, the place was only reserved for the Portuguese elite, with the passage of time, this important cultural heritage became a place of worship frequented by believers of various nationalities and social strata.

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte, is the symbol of Catholicism in the province of Huíla, in addition to the religious pilgrimage, annually thousands of people visit the place to have contact with the history that comes from the last century, and enjoy the beautiful view provided by the place. , since the Chapel is in a position of highlight to the Serra de Chela, being able to be seen from all points of the village.

Be sure to visit the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte

When visiting the Province of Lubango, be sure to visit the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte, this important cultural heritage, built in the 20th century and one of the places that most attracts visitors in the province, largely because of the symbolism it carries as well as the peace of mind it provides to visitors.

This being one of the mandatory stops for anyone visiting the province of Huíla, so if you are visiting the province, be sure to visit the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte.

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