Discover Mussulo Island

Come and discover Mussulo Island, one of the best places for leisure and fun in the capital city, find out how to get to this wonderful island, discover the best places to stay, if you like a good party, surely on this island you can enjoy the city's most themed parties of Luanda.

Discovering Mussulo Island is discovering another one of the natural beauties that Angola has to present to the world through tourists who visit, and through digital platforms. Mussulo is the island of fun, it is a paradisiacal place with a stretch of beautiful beaches, white sand, Mussulo Island is a tourist reserve and an ecological reserve.


Mussulo Island is also known as the lung of Luanda, due to the environmental reserve that the island has, the island is surrounded by palm trees, as mentioned above, the island is an ecological reserve, different from Mutamba which is known as “O Coração de Luanda”, as it is the place where it is located. most major companies in both the public and private sectors.


To Discover Mussulo, the first concern of those who have never been there, should be the question of the type, how to get to Mussulo Island? Calm down, this is quite simple there are several paths but they only lead to a single destination “Ilha do Mussulo”, it is possible to reach the island by car and by boat.

To arrive by boat, the 3 main points of boat are as follows; Capossoca maritime terminal (Samba), Benfica shipper, and National Museum of Slavery (Moro da Cruz)

To get to the island by car, you can take the EN100 road, but be careful, to get to the island there is a road that is difficult to access, so cars with excellent traction and balance are advisable.

Crossing safety

To make the sea crossing on a private service boat, the boat driver must be accompanied by a navigation assistant, the use of a life jacket is mandatory, and at night the boats must be equipped with lights that allow identification each other, to enforce these standards the Coast Guard Police are constantly patrolling.


Upon arriving in Mussulo, discover the natural wonders, beautiful beaches and palm trees on all sides, discover the restaurants and taste the seafood that the Atlantic Ocean offers, discover the resorts and live incredible experiences, discover the against the coast of Mussulo that it's a very quiet place.

camping and picnic

To camp on Mussulo Island, tourists usually take their kits camping and the same goes for the picnic, but in case you don't want to take the trouble to carry all this luggage, some resorts have available a package that makes the assembly of a kit.s complete for camping or picnic, the chosen area is the customer's preference, includes the right to transport.

Seek peace on Mussulo Island

What tourists are looking for on Mussulo Island is more than a simple walk, they go in search of peace, relax, and for sure this is the best place for those who need to replenish their energy and get back to inspiring ideas.

Tourists turn to Ilha do Mussulo in search of peace for several reasons, in which we can present two of them:

  1. Because Luanda is a very busy city, with high traffic.
  2. For workers, entrepreneurs and students looking to recompose their ideas, this helps tourists to redo their projects and follow an excellent career at all levels.

Theme Parties

This is another one of the main attractions that Mussulo Island offers, the Mussulo themed parties attract countless tourists, held by the best event promoters that the city of Luanda has, some parties the tickets include the right to transport (boat), on days of event the private boats work all night, being able to return at any time of the night.

Where to stay

To spend the weekend in private, with family and friends, the resorts on Ilha do Mussulo offer services that make the client feel like someone special. business.

As a suggestion for the resorts and to spend a moment that will certainly mark your life, visit the following resorts on the island:

  • Bar Ssulo Club Resort Hotel
  • Camping Park Mussulo
  • Dally's Resort
  • Macoco Resort Angola
  • Mussulo Wuaco
  • BelSor Resort
  • Cherme Village Resort
  • Netu Resort,s
  • Roça das Hoses
  • Mawetete Resort


The resorts in Mussulo offer excellent stays, it is possible to find resorts that offer bungalows to accommodate individuals, couples, groups of friends or even a family with a high number of members, with highly qualified professionals who are available to tourists on the island. the deserved personalized understanding. Most resorts have a pool and bar.


There is nothing better than being surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and enjoying the best of Angolan cuisine, as a suggestion on the island of mussulo, be sure to visit the following restaurants:

  • Bar Century
  • Kanawa Restaurant
  • Jessica's Tent
  • Nautilus


To be different from what visitors are used to doing in the city center, generally most resorts and restaurants serve al fresco meals, in a jango, which are usually built with wood and a thatched roof.



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