Zau Evua Cave

The Zau Evua Caves is a magnificent place formed by mysterious walls. In some caves the sunlight is piercing, and in others darkness takes over all the time. Learn about Cave myth and legends.

The Zau Evua Grotto is a set of huge rocks that have a unique and beautiful natural beauty to appreciate. Beauty inside and outside.

It is considered a national cultural heritage, these rocks in its interior form caves. There is a small lake with very green areas that make the caves attractive.


The Zau Evua Cave is located in the Zaire province. It is at a distance of 80 km from the seat municipality M'Banza Kongo.

To get to the Grotto, a journey is made by car. During the route, beautiful landscapes of the extensive forests that connect the main municipality to the final destination are remarkable.

Myths and legends

The Zau Evua Grotto is considered a sacred place. This is because in early times a mass had been held by a Catholic priest.

To gain access to the interior of the cave, authorization from the local authorities is required.

Local authorities perform rituals, invoking their ancestors. Only after performing the rituals are visits authorized and guided by the authorities.

Local authorities bend their knees before entry and begin praying in the national Kikongo language.

After the prayer the local authorities (Sobas) clap their hands 3 times. So asking a mysterious being for permission. Which allows visitor entry.

Inside the Grotto there are writings on the walls. According to reports these writings were made by inhabitants of this region.

At the time, the inhabitants used this place to hide from slave traders.

Camping at Zau Evua Cave

Near the cave there are no signs of lodging establishments. In case you want to stay. It is recommended that the visitor be accompanied by camping kits.

As mentioned above, the authorities will always be around to guarantee the visitor's safety and stay until the moment of return.

The Enchantment of the Caves

The Zau Evua Cave, on the outside, is surrounded by rocks of different colors, with a greater presence of white, golden and red.

Inside, the walls are green, as if covered with pearls.

One of the points that draws the most attention to visitors in the Zau Evua Cave is the small lake inside. These are landscapes that elevate the visitor's state of mind.

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