Hotel Praia Morena

Hotel Praia Morena is a hotel with a 3-star rating. Find out about the hotel facilities at this hotel.

Hotel Praia Morena is a hotel unit that has services to serve its guests with excellence. With elegant, luxurious and comfortable accommodation.

Hotel Praia Morena has a 3-star rating. The hotel building has 7 floors and has balconies for guests to enjoy the city.




Hotel Praia Morena is located in Benguela province. Benguela is one of the most beautiful cities in Angola, with several tourist attractions.

It is a very calm city, the locomotion from one place to another is quite easy, without traffic. The province is inhabited by a very receptive people who have a lot to show about their cultures and origins in the visitors.


Hotel Praia Morena has a total of 63 rooms. These rooms are divided into 3 types according to their typology, which are as follows:

• Superior double room;

• Superior twin room;

• Superior room.

The rooms are equipped with modern furniture, a very bright environment, where the white color in the rooms is more frequent, with rustic wooden decorations in some rooms.

The place is quite cozy to be able to stay with families, friends, on business or privately.


Hotel Praia Morena has a restaurant that serves typical Angolan food. The province of Benguela has a sea rich in seafood. These are seafood (fish, lobster, shrimp and others) are the main dishes that you can find at the Praia Morena hotel.

If you want a relaxed moment to have a drink, the hotel has a bar that serves a variety of drinks (national beers, Portuguese wines, whiskey and others) and dishes that can be accompanied as snacks.




To respond to the basic needs of its customers, Hotel Praia Morena has the following amenities:

• Air-conditioned rooms;

• Pool;

• Private car park;

• 24/24 room service;

• Cable TV;

• Elevator;

• Free Wi-Fi access;

• Laundry;

• Room for smokers;

• Spa;

• Convenience store;

• Meeting room;

• Gymnasium;

• Fax, photocopy.

extra activities

As extra activities, you should go around the city of Benguela, and learn more about the habits and customs of the population.

The city has museums, exotic beaches, dams, lighthouses, buildings from colonial times. These are some of the many points that cannot be missed when you decide to stay or visit the Hotel Praia Morena.

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