Largo das Heroínas

The square is one of the main points of reference in the Angolan capital, being visited daily by several people, especially the student community.

Located in Maianga Urban District, specifically on Ho Chi Minh Avenue in Luanda, Largo das Heroínas is a monument dedicated to the Angolan heroines who fought for national liberation from 1961 to 1975.

Brief history

Inaugurated in 1986, the month of March, this emblematic place was built to honor all brave women who fought with strength and determination for the conquest of Angola's independence.

Among the various personalities that were present in this hard and long battle, names such as Engrácia Santos, Irene Cohen, Teresa Afonso, Lucrécia Paim and much more stand out…

These personalities, although they are no longer in the world of the living, continue to be sources of inspiration for many people, largely because of their beautiful stories of struggle and determination for the common good.

Largo das Heroínas immortalizes the names and deeds of all the brave guerrillas.

Main attractions

The Largo das Heroínas, both for the symbolic value it represents and for the emblematic structure that it possesses, constitutes one of the points of greatest tourist attraction in the city of Luanda.

Also, as it is close to places such as Largo das Escolas and Largo 1° Maio, places of great concentration of people, inevitably many of them end up visiting the emblematic Largo das Heroínas.

The place, as already mentioned, is one of the most concentrated people in the city of Luanda, and one of the main reasons is the various attractions it offers visitors.

In addition to the garden and the bronze structure, the place is characterized as being ideal for the practice of reading. Every day, many young people take advantage of the space to study.

The place is much visited by students, and many other classes of society, who for historical reasons and not only, frequent the Largo.

Essentially in March, activities are held in honor of the warriors who gave their lives in exchange for independence. Flowers and wreaths are placed on the imposing bronze structure.

Visit Largo das Heroínas

If you are in Luanda, Largo das Heroínas is without a shadow of a doubt one of the places you should visit, if you want to know a little about the great contribution of Angolan women in the struggle for independence, and thus be able to reconcile the leisure provided by the place. , to a beautiful journey through time full of learning.

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