Malibu Beach Restaurant

Located on the island of Luanda, Malibu Beach Restaurant is a space for leisure and entertainment, recently opened in one of the most tourist attractions in the city of Luanda.

O Malibu Beach Restaurant appears to replace the former Caribbean space that was once also located in the Luanda Island, Luanda province, however, Malibu Beach Restaurant has seen significant improvements in several sectors.

From a structural and service point of view, the space has a new decoration and a variety of services that are increasingly improved and adjusted to the needs of visitors, who are increasingly looking for quality services and pure leisure environments.

Discovering Malibu Beach Restaurant

This gastronomic space is one of the best in the capital city, not only for its geographic location, but also for the quality of its gastronomic specialties that are always well prepared.

In addition to the specialties, the Restaurant has a magnificent reception carried out by a super organized Staff and offers an incredible view of the sea that completes the leisure environment.

Malibu Beach is characterized as being a space more than adequate to take the family, be with the children and friends, it has a parking lot, as it is by the sea offering an incredible view.

main attractions

Malibu Beach Restaurant is one of the places that has attracted a large flow of visitors who are increasingly looking for leisure environments all over the city.

The place offers a relaxed leisure environment with the best of Angolan cuisine with live music mixing, without forgetting the always impressive view of the sea.

Many citizens, both Angolans and foreigners, visit the place daily to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the best of Angolan cuisine, in a truly relaxed leisure environment far from the bustle of the capital city.

be sure to visit

For those looking for a relaxed atmosphere with the best of Angolan cuisine and many other attractions to escape the routine, don't miss the Malibu Beach Restaurant.

The place offers a variety of services, a well-decorated atmosphere, a warm welcome and a truly incredible sea view.

Malibu Beach Restaurant is without a doubt one of the places in the capital city that offers a great leisure environment, so don't miss this amazing place.

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