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The Museu da Moeda is the cultural heritage located in the province of Luanda, which tells the evolution of Angola's currency from the earliest periods to the present day.

the coin museum presents the history of money since the Zimbo to Kwanza. This museum exhibits the numismatics and notafilia collections of the National Bank of Angola.

In addition to the information professionals who categorically and telegraphically narrate the beautiful history of the currency in Angola, the Museum also has some framing objects and audiovisual devices that better elucidate visitors about the past and the historical evolution of the currency in Angola, since the Zimbo kwanza.


Located at marginal of Luanda, the Currency Museum, is one of the most emblematic cultural heritages in the Angolan capital, Luanda, either due to the impressive infrastructure or the excellent exhibition, organized in chronological order on the evolution of the Angolan currency, which is intrinsically linked to the country's history, literally constituting one of the obligatory stops from the tourist point of view of the Angolan capital.

Main features

Among the main features, this important cultural heritage stands out for its underground infrastructure, occupying a gross building area of 95 thousand square meters.

The passageway from the outside of the structure is filled by the four Kianda towers 12 floors for offices, a commercial gallery and a garden.

O currency museum has all the necessary facilities for its visitors to enjoy a visit with all the comfort possible.

Structurally, the Museum comprises a cafeteria with more than 26 m², a cloakroom with 10 m² of storage, 6 toilets and a gift shop with an area of more than 50 m².

Through this store, all visitors have the possibility to take some of the Angolan culture home.

main attractions

In addition to the always impressive narration of the history of currency in Angola carried out by highly qualified professionals, in the museum, it is possible to find a series of audiovisual equipment and artefacts from centuries past used as coins over time.

The Museum also has exhibitions of various coins as well as the different forms of payment that preceded the kwanza.

The museum has temporary and permanent exhibitions, multimedia rooms and much more, all to guarantee a magnificent experience on the historical evolution of the currency in the Angolan territory.

Annually, the Museu da Moeda receives several national and foreign visitors, mainly due to the educational and leisure environment combined with a modern and airy exhibition, thus facilitating the visit.

Be sure to visit the Currency Museum

Visiting and getting to know the Currency Museum is without a doubt a great symbiosis of leisure and learning, as the historical trajectory of the various currencies and forms of payment developed over time, provide an authentic journey back in time, with important and mandatory stops along the way. path.

The rich and passionate history provided by each of the artefacts present in the Currency Museum, starting at Nzimbo, passing by Macuta, a small shell or conch extracted from the beaches of Luanda Island, libongo, salt, ivory, copper, until arriving kwanza is one of those experiences that, in addition to loving, the visitor will want to repeat.

Schedule a visit and discover the rich and beautiful history of the Angolan currency

The visit to this important cultural heritage of Angola, is made through the booking process, and this information system works from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm;

It is also worth noting that the closing time of queues is subject to change daily, without prior notice.

With this tour guide you can enjoy a complete visit to the Coin Museum. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Enjoy it!

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